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Topic started by Lan on March 2, 2009. Last post by RedRoses 6 years ago.
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Having a blast planning that is. I'm thinking ahead to Colossal Con which is happening this June in Ohio. June in the mid-west--hot and humid...devout cosplay would not be good because it involves flannel and long sleeves. I'm trying to get ahead of the game, thinking about costumes that are within my current skill level. Also, I don't want to end up like Ohayocon and making the costume two or three days before the con--very stressful. I'm aiming for two cosplays this time.

My definite first is Sakura at end of Tokyo Revelations--when she's in the black shirt, shorts, with the cloak, and guns. Reason: This outfit marks an important shift in story and character; she goes from being princess and damsel in distress to bad ass quest leader. Pros: Fairly easy; I really don't have to sew anything but the cape; I'm sure I can dig around thrift/second-hand shops for the rest. Cons: Finding and styling a wig; and making/finding a gun that looks accurate.  While the outfit is all black, it involves shorts and quarter length sleeves--which wouldn't look funny pushed up.

My second is...I don't know what ambitious nature wants to say: Umi from MKR in her final knight form or Falsetto from Eternal Sonata. My practical side says "Yeah, right. They appear deceptively simple in construction, but the the details will get you in the end." Yeah, I think both of those require more time and funds than I have currently. I have from now until June, however there's school and work to take into account. I have a ton of pink fabric left from making my devout dress; I should probably try to do something with that. I could do Piffle World Sakura--use pink fabric and the pattern for the devout dress. No need to get a second wig then. Also, considering Erika from Soul Eater; I like her character, and I was really taken with the costume of the girl cosplaying her at Ohayocon. Thinking ahead of time,a  wig for Erika can be used for a future Umi costume. I think I've made a decision in blogging about this. Erika: Reason: She's a pretty cool character. Pros: very simple outfit; short dress, thin sleeves--not a bad choice for summer; mostly black fabric, so if I need to I can get extra and make the Sakura outfit. Cons: That hat will be a pain to make.

So what summer cons are you guys planning to attend? What cosplays do you have or are you working on? What are the basic pros and cons of your cosplay?  How do you plan your cosplays? Do you make them with the intent of reusing the materials/props/accessories for future cosplays? Do you work last minute, way ahead of time, or sometime close to con, but not the week of? Does the weather/season and location affect what cosplays you choose to do? Lastly, give me suggestions on cosplays I can do with a ton of pink fabric (not Sakura, Kairi, or Aeris).

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The local con here is i the summer, but I don't see myself cosplaying so it isn't an issue. Rather, I'm more concerned at finding ways to stop myself from spending too much money...
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Oh man I understand your sentiments of making a costume two/three days before a con... I made my really crappy Soi Fon cosplay in that time too. XD

For your first choice, if you need help for gun choice, start looking through some of the threads on There are loads of tutorials there for making props. If you want some suggested materials to make one from scratch (since I'm eventually making my Yoko gun...) I have PVC piping, cardboard, foamboard, glue gun, and probably other stuff I don't remember haha. As for the quarter sleeve dilemma, it shouldn't be difficult to mend the sleeve up of a normal long-sleeve shirt. All you'll need to do is hem it after cutting a bit of it off.

I'm not sure what your skill level in cosplay making is so I can't really help you decide what second costume you should make. :3

Yay I love answering questions. I'm such a nerd.
I plan to go to Fanime at the moment. I want to go to Anime Expo but I dunno if I have the funds. Money is tight and so is time...
Just working on Yoko for now. I have to make my friends' stuff too... erg I'm so busy.
Pros: lots of fun with friends and that means lots of pics (whether they are posted in public or not is up to my discrepancy haha).
I like to plan my stuff with blueprints and notes. I gather a bajillion reference pictures and then start analyzing what parts are inconsistent in the manga/anime/game. I figure out which is the best to make and then I start drafting patterns for it. I'll eventually do other stuff...
I almost never plan reusing my other materials/props/accessories. I should though so I don't have to buy lots of wigs and I don't normally buy excess fabric.
I tend to work at the super last minute. With Yoko, I'm trying to change that pattern so I actually make a decent thing for once. XD All of my stuff thus far hasn't been photographed for the sole reason of being ultra ghetto and last minute.
Not a big pink fan so I don't know anything with lots of pink except that one character from Tokyo Mew Mew.
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