Strange (but good) experience at work...

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Where I work my co-workers know I like anime by my computer wallpapers and  the music I listen to during the day (thank you AnimeNfo radio!).  They occasionally ask questions about it but I don't push, thought the Yoko wallpaper did raise some eyebrows.  Friday I changed the wallpaper to Genshiken, the group drawing of all the characters.  I had 4 people stop and ask who those characters were and what the show was about, considering there are only 5 who work in the office I considered that a solid hit. 

The topper was when the owner (who refuses to wear his glasses) strolled through the office and he saw the picture.  He stopped, looked and started to ask, "oh, is that a picture of your family...?" as he was putting on his glasses.  He realized his mistake and said "nice drawing" as I tried to keep a serious look on my face. 

It's good to be Otaku!

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That's interesting, thanks for sharing that.
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hahaha that's cute. :3 The owner must be really blind to think anime characters look like real people.
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cool and funny lol
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