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(note: there is spelling errors but i have an editor that will help me later on that)

The Prophesy

Act 1: beginning

As the darken days come to the lands of a place known as Zeveron a god appears, but not in his true form, but in a mortal body. this god will play his role of a saver to all there sol's and sins. this god who made us all from his hands will save us from the shadows time and time again with know one knowing who he truly is, thus he will fight, fight for life. as the longest days that pass this god in a mortal body will join a vast empire amongest the stars that he will fight side by side with there warriors to save there land from the shadows that comeith. as the stars shine with a force of a thousand suns the battle rages on amongest the stars, but thou enemy is more powerful then they thought, years pass as the war rages on, as our god fights with his new found brothers he see's the shadow ones winning the war. it is said when all hope of wining is lost the last of the living fight harder then the fallen. as the war comes to an end the shadow ones have won and the survivors of the war with the shadows will not go into hiding, but will get off the ground and rebuild, repopulate and become whole once again.

It is said the shadow ones vanished into the darkness the comith from, but it is unknown. for years to come there will be a time of peace as life is reborn anew. this vast sea of stars holds not just wonders, but secrets. as a vast empire expands and prospers through out the sea of stars they new the shadows would return, but what they dident know, new darker shadows would come forth instead. these new darker shadows would come in 3 waves, waves that would test the vast empire and the god that lived amongest them. this time light will triumph and the darker shadows would die. then once again there would be peace amongest the sea of stars, but it would be short lived, as the king of the darker shadow ones would come for revenge and kill the gods teacher, who witch is a demi god in hiding from his father. sorrow and sadness would fill the air as the gods first tears would come from his eyes, then with not knowing it his inner power would awaken and he would have his revenge.

Act 2: love and hope

Years pass as the god joins others in a place of learning, seeing new faces and leans new knowledge of his empires history. then one day he see's an angel, an angel of beauty. the god falls in love with her and the angel falls in love with the god. only months pass as they wed, and live together forever, but there love is interrupted by a vast evil thats bean growing under there feet without them knowing, an evil thats vast as there empire, then so another bloody war erupts. in a matter of months the vast evil empire lights the fire, burning millions of stars, but there is hope, the god. as the gods empire crumbling before him he seeks help from 8 demi gods hiding in the shadows. the demi gods aid the god in sweeping away the evil, but this new evil is more divies then they thought. as it looks grim for the gods empire theres still hope, in an unexpected event acears a new dawn shines as this new evil is finally vanquished and as the gods empire licks its wounds, the god is exposed by his lover and friends, but he not lie his way out, but tell the truth the God spoke thus:

"Sakara am I, who interprets the signs of life. An answer to my question, give. If you can, help complete my role will be, and I will leave this land. Though equally it exists before everyone's eyes, grasp it not one person can.Tell me—what is it that makes you never give up?"

Act 3: truth and power

As the god waits for an answer from the mortals lingering in the shadows lies a formidable foe, one that would test the god to its full extent and will have to fight to the very end. endless days past as the fight between Sakara and this foe now known as Evil, when a strange turn of events leads the god from death to killing Evil, the galaxy's soul MIA weeps as Evil is killed by the god, MIA then calls out to him asking, "do you feel happy that you destroyed the balance"? as the gods universe brakes down billions across the stars fall from the effects from the gods actions, now only one hope left, to restore the balance!

As there universe crumbles around them the see MIA and ask for her forgiveness and wishes to restore the balance of good and evil. MIA becomes happy and restores the balance, but the god is left with a warning, she said thus: "Evil will now be your last foe and not the strongest, even a more powerful foe awaits you at the end of this bloody road of death and he you can not defeat alone"! as the god leaves with this warning he awaits a new dawn that will come forth from the ashes, but will this almighty powerful foe stop this from happening?

Act 4: good and evil

Years pass as everyone in the gods empire heals and prospers, but at the time of most happiness for the god, new evil finds them and kills the one most dearest to him! the god fueled with rage and hate he seeks revenge, but he is not alone on this quest, friends of the god and his preshes thing the god was dear to join him and hunt down this killer, but not find him in the fimilyer see of stars but a whole new ocean. almost a year passes and the find the killer, but in a shocker turn of an events it is a close friend of the gods that is the killer, but still fights for revenge, but before he could finish his quest, its interrupted by a voice, a voice of the gods dear thing, he then see's it is all fake and apon getting back to his home, he see's it burning and all he could hear is the sound of war!

the gods brother is then found out to be the new "Evil" and must stop this bloodshed from continuing on and on, over and over, so in one good faith, the good god sacrifices his live to kill the evil god and bring peace once again. more then a malenia passes and the gods people still weep. but with a flash of light the god returns anew and with new found powers, but little did they know his sacrifice would be in vain, for there being someone close the god knows has bean behind everything they've bean through!

Act 5: reality and fiction

What is reality? what is fiction? in this universe they are one, but some time things dont make sense at all. as the god finds out who is behind all the deaths and blood spied in the wars of the past, they find not an evil overlord but a leader they've known for as long as they could remember! as this foe hid in the lighten shadows they croes paths not knowing at first he is the true evil behind everything, but this for is extremely devies, he tells who he truly is right to the gods face and why hes done this, the god letting his feelings take over he risks innocent souls to kill this evil, after a long, long battle, the god is the victor, but at what cost?

Seeing how evil this god could become, he vanishes to a plain where mortal bodies could not go. as ages pass and everyone but the gods closest friends and its lover forget him evil an old foe apears from the shadow and lights the sea of stars on fire once more, but is now led by a new evil, a new god, but not from this universe but another. as the gods old empire falls out of the ashes comes the god reborn into a divine being, and sweeps away this old foe and kills the god, the serivers of this bloody war make the god there new leader, but he told them, im but one "man", i can not lead all of you on my own!

Act 6: present and future

as the present of time barrels on into the future new inventions and new found powers amiss in this gods empire now joined by 4 other gods to help him lead this new empire, he rebuilds not just in the filmier sea but in another near by. the future of this empire looks good and they embrace a new beginning. so many years pass and the empire becomes so powerful, so populated in follows in expands now 3 sea's of stars, but what awaits them is not prosperity, but a long lost brethren from his old universe!

Act 7: new allies

As this empire grows its names anew, it grows in even more followers, now trillions of races in the vast sea's join them, but is this a good thing? as time would tell, this empire becomes to vast and to be to rule, so the 5 leaders including the god decide on a plan, a plan that will split the vast empire up, not just to control it once more, but to prevent any unnecessary complication. so our god made a proposal, build a gate that would lead them far,far away from this vast empire and start a new empire with a large portion of this one! so they all agreed to do the same thing, so the gates where built in secrecy, the 5 gods made a plan to get this vast empire to cut 5 ways, they fake a evil, a powerful foe that would drive them to the ends of the known universe! and so it happened and worked.

Act 8: dawn of a new era

As our god's new but smaller empire comes through the other end of the gate, they find a new planet to call home. they name this planet "Tara-Nova" meaning "a new life". as they build and fluresh in this new sea they now call home, they find this sea hold many secrets yet to be reviled. years pass and this new empire expands and becomes more advanced. a new dawn awaits this new empire, but is soon short lived! in the shadows of this sea of secrets comieths a evil our god can not defiet! this "great evil" test the very essences of the gods powers and soul, is he worthy? will he win? how will his empire live?

Act 9: final evil

As he finds out the true nature and power of this evil's army, both armies suffer dearly from all the bloodshed, but the real winner of this "final" war to end all wars is left in the hands of one- Sakara! a battle on a barren planet asues and aultimet power is displayed that tairs the planet apart! the battle rages endlessly nether giving up the will to live, but Sakara has a secret of his own, one he has bean hiding from the very beginning, the ging of the chosen one!! in this universe this prophecy is set in stone, telling everything in fate, but with the ring of the chosen one, it can be twisted in any way the wielder see's fit, so in a desperate act Sakara uses the rings power and shows his true form, who and what he really is! and with a single wave of his hand he wins the battle and the war!! but was this all fate as well? at the end of this road there will be more questions then answers that will ever be answered.

Act 10: end of life

It is now the end of this story and everything that was righten, happened, so was this all planed out? is this story finished? is this prophecy fifiled? these would be some of the unanswered questions among many others. soon you will realize this is a dream, you will wake up and see your true universe, your true life, who you really are, and you'll say to yourself, "was this all a dream or did it happen"?

[fix lot of spelling still errors sorry this is 2 years old]

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