Soul Beat review on the new Spirit Manga

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Hey there fellow Vicers' its me Raiku and Im here reporting on my latest fan fiction project called Soul Beat. Now Soul Beat takes place in modern Tokyo Japan in a small town called Tenchi Ryu, there the main character Hiro Satoshi comes to terms with Onis' and Spirits and many other things. What makes this Fan fict different from other stuff out there relating to Spirits and so fourth is the main character's view on all this. Since Hiro was young he was trained in kendo by his only living relative his Grand Father, and thats all Hiro ever knew. Often times wondering whether or not Hiro has an identity of his own outside of kendo. Because of this inner feeling towards kendo Hiro often behaves childish making humor wenever he can, trying to build his own identity. At school he only has one friend Rei Tohsaka. Even Rei himself is shy, and doesnt often talk spending most of his time drawing manga. Everything changes for Hiro on the eve of his 13th birthday Hiro grows a pair of black wings and passes out due to the extreme pain. Waking up in the morning on his bed with no signs of the wings. Already late for school as it is Hiro dismisses the event as a mere dream.

 On his way to school a homeless person ask for Hiro's help just as hes about to help the stranger Hiro remembers hes late so calls an ambulance and departs. Wondering and thinking about the dream. Throughout the day he is plague by what apears to be the homeless person, wenever he checks to confirm it the stranger disapears. The day goes on like this until school ends, at which Hiro heads home only again to be confronted by the same homeless person. This time he claims that he shouldve helped him but now its to late and with that the stranger plunges a steel rod into Hiro's heart, and slowly Hiro begins to die.  As Hiro dies the stranger turns his back leaving Hiro's body to rott but to his suprise Hiro accepts his death rather then fear it and for this he ressurects. With eyes turning spiritual blue. Hiro starts pulling the steel rod out of his chest and chaneling his spirit energy into it he reforms it making a nameless katana Suprise the stranger strikes, but Hiro isnt acting on thought but rather instinct the instinct to live! and strikes down the stranger, at first it seems that Hiro has impaled the stranger but in reality the katana went through him in a ghost like manner. And with that the stranger vomits out a slug like creature. Hiro instantly slays the creature upon doing so he comes to his senses.

 Freaked out Hiro goes running to his his house asking his grandfather whats going on and why all of this started on his birthday. He explains to Hiro that on the day of his thireenth birthday a seal that was placed on Hiros' body would break and Hiro's inheritence would come of fruit. Asking his grandfather what inheritence, Hiro's grandfather puts it simply "death" youve inherited death itself.
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