So we almost lost the house today.

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We almost lost house this morning . Had power line pulll from house an mess some stuff up. AC unit caught fire from the surge.Im still suffering from electrical smoke from it . Unpluged it an comp surge protectors . The battery back ups surge protectors saved the comp. Brother pulled the fuse box out an saved the house. Literaly pulled the fuse box out. we gota get new meter base but after they put a new line up were back in buisness.

I had just woke up so I was not sure if the light geting bright was the electric or me just being low on oxygen. When seen the flash an fire in the ac unit well excrement hit the rotary air moving device. 8 hours later finaly get a breathing treatment .During that 8 hours im trying to think what to grab if things go even further wrong.

So wallet is a no brainer. Notebook with all the passwords for online stuff ( yes I save them in a notebook for just such a emergency) An then how am i gona get all my anime out.. its one box of dvd/blue rays. But its to heavy for me to carry. Well most things now are to heavy for me to carry. Worst case would grab the Psyco Pass collectors edition. Then it kinda hits ya you really cant save it all. 4 comic book long boxs full of stuff would just go poof.

Been toying with the idea of a Go Bag. A small backpack for emergency use. An after this definitly gona. Tho doubt ill put anime in it. That can be replaced eventualy.

So what would you save?

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Oh dude that's rough, good to hear your brother saved the day/stopped things getting any worse.

What would I save? Lets see... well my wallet, passport, and keys are all easy to grab. If I've got the time I'd probably try to pull all the cords from the back of my PC and take the tower with me. Got a lot of stuff on my harddrives I wouldn't want to lose. I should probably set up some kind of data backup solution...

Other than that I don't know really, maybe grab a few things off my desk. Really depends on how much time I have.

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@Daniel_Newton: buy one of these

they come in silver to then cach hard drive ya like on sale An make the perfect external hard drive. I prefer western digital black my self.

I use a 1 terabite one , best part is can hook it up usb an leave its power cord pluged in. an just use the toggle switch to turn it on when ya need to save or copy from it. Other external hard drives ya buy complete ..well are not made the best or with good hard drives or even have a fan like that case.

Can unplug it very fast an go.That way your not worried about losing stuff on comp. Even if ya had to leave the cords those can be replaced easy enuff.

Also think about a memory stick for passwords sites an what not.

Something like thats been on my to do list for long time an never got around to it. Gona get one asap. That would be great for storing paswords an sites you frequent incase someting happend to the comp .Gona get a go bag set up an have one in it. Unless you use google chrome alot for almost every thing all the sites you go to a pas words would poof as well if comp goes away.

Having been in few fires now um think of it as you never have enuff time. An you wount be able to make a snap judgment on what to save. Im limited to about 10lbs to carry so gota think light. So grabing the collectable stuff is not gona happen for me. But graing that external hard drive is not a problem.

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Wow, I have never been in an actual fire, so that sounds scary. Just curious though, what caused the fire in the first place?

As for what I'd save, I would first get my wallet, keys, and phone. Never leave home without them. Behind that I would get my various chargers, my laptop, external HDD, 3DS, and the giant box of documents that my parents have stored in the closet for situations like this. Personally, I wouldn't bring any of the manga or anime that I own, as it would just slow me down and, in the long run, is easily replaceable. (also because I only own 5 total manga books xD)

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@Vapovile: Power line to the house early Wednesday morning came lose from house because of wind. . Then when they hooked it back up they didn't catch the meter base . A hour or so later the netural in the meter was arching ( thats like the ground wires) So we had weird surges an dims. At this point i had just woke up an seen my bedroom light dim an then seen the ac unit catch fire. Right at the temp digital display.

Jumped up fast as i could unplugged the ac unit an got the fire out. An ripped the power cords form my battery back up for my comp from the wall to. Yelled at my brother an he ran an ripped the breaker outta the fuse box saving the house. They got it fixed um friday i think.

Just got out of hospital.The smoke from the ac unit sent me to hospital thursday. was pushing 9's on the pain chart ,not fun. ended up with a Hiatal Hernia from coughing for 4 an half hours viloletnly.But back now an they fixed the meter base an the electric. almost 450 bucks tho to get it fixed . But every thing is stable now power wise.

So this will crimp my style for month or two but i will set up a bug out bag . 4th time i been in a burning house an really not liking fly by seat of my pants plans.better safe than sorry.

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I'm late to see this but hope you're alright buddy.
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@taichokage: Yeah see doc tomorrow for followup . Wouldnt doubt i got a sinus infection atm but recovering from the smoke fairly well. Tho i still have bruses from hospital a week later!

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I know how it feels being on a fire and is insane. I was in one when I was 5 years of age. I remember I was bleeding because of the heat, my sister who was 2..her hair (she had long hair) got in flames but my older brother (who was 7 at the time) got her to the shower before something serious happened. He tried to open the door but fuckin key broke (our door was very secured) and we had no way out...until minutes later the fire department came in and knocked the door and saved us three. Yeah it was only us there. My mom was at work during this event. Luckily our neighbor took care of us for the night. I thank my older brother for saving us. it was all because of a fuckin' candle.

What would I save? My family and my dog. Other that, my documents, wallet, YuGiOh collection and 3DS.

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@DBZ_universe: We caught this one before it got far. One neighbors hours years ago was on fire an we helped move stuff out before it got bad. Half of our little comunity seemed to be in the house grabing what ever they could . Two story an it started up top an they couldnt put it out . That one felt like time was slow , could even see the ceiling darken before we had to get out.

Still gona do a go bag. Buy a decent backpack an have some esential things in it.

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