Screened Yearbook (April 2010 - March 14, 2014)

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Welcome everyone! This is our Yearbook for Screened. We wanted to preserve the memories of everyone's time and hard work in the community. As most of you know, the site is closing down on March 14, 2014. It's very hard on our users, and this is a way to help Screened and all users to remember the good times.

Podcast and Video

Screened had a great video section. We had trailers for incoming films and TV shows. Half-Good was Screened's video segment that look at films that exist in the realm between masterful and mediocre. It was done by Matt Rorie. Another video segment, Defending Your Movie, was a feature that defends movies that are notoriously stupid and half-ass. It was done by Alex Navarro and Matt Rorie. Besties is Screened's video segment of movies that made in their cinematic hall of fame. Remake Rematch is a segment that pits a film and its remakes, and the staff puts a final verdict on which is better. BOWL is a segment that focuses on Box Office Winning films.

In the podcast section, Screened did live streaming of the Oscars, and folks could comment. However, the site's podcast's video experience glitches.


Top Wiki Editors
Top Wiki Editors

Here's a short introduction on our Top 10 Wiki Editors:

  1. Mike20 was our top wiki editor in Screened with 1 million wiki points, and he was the first Whiskey Media user to accomplish that feat. During the end phase, he started a Wikia for our wiki editors, To Hollywood and Beyond.
  2. Gort, our staff, is a big Battlestar Galactica fan who makes bad flash mini-games.
  3. Daemon is a big gaming fan since 1976 and a film connoisseur with great reviews in Screened. He specializes in foreign and silent films.
  4. Milkman is a wrestling and video game lover. You'll find him over at Giant Bomb.
  5. Revolver8990 is a wiki editor from Philadelphia who loves comic books.
  6. VioletEyedDragon is a fan of comic books and films with big guns. His top two edits are Django Unchained and Skyfall.
  7. cardician loves comedy films like Eddie and American Pie.
  8. CherryBomb is our Screened fashionista from the UK. She loves posting fashion blogs and laying down her critiques.
  9. Redemption is an anime, comic book, and sci-fi fan. His top wiki edits are Batman, Batman Returns, and The Avengers.
  10. Acura Max is our mod who loves video games, anime, and movies. His favorite TV shows are Hannibal, Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones.

We'll do a special blog on the Top Wiki Editors of 2013 for Screened soon.

After the Whiskey Media Sale out, we lost a lot of users. Our active wiki editors that continue to work on the site until its end were etragedy, Mike20, Toasterburner_B, Acura_Max, myself, Djames216, CherryBomb, Revolver8990, Providence, and Stevemagegod.

Like Anime Vice, Screened has wiki pages. Acura, FinalDasa, and myself wrote the Screened & You! that has a lot of information about the wiki. I won't go into much details but highlight key details. One key difference is that we don't attach wiki pages to episodes like how Anime Vice does, and we add voice actors and actresses first. However, we can only attach one VA to one character at a time. What's unique about Screened is that it has wiki pages like awards and cliches and wiki sections: trivia, music, references, and quotes.

Here are some snapshots of the wiki.


From Anime Vice and Comic Vine's RPG section, Sha and his/ or her crew ask Acura and FinalDasa to start a RPG group in Screened. Their group started on May 23, 2013. While it was small, Sha's group was a tight knit community. Sha and her group would make their own stories that were like movies. They would assume their characters and play it live.

What separates this RPG from Anime Vice and Comic Vine's RPG section was that it had purely movies, no anime nor comic book characters were used. Some of their stories took place on a distant planet while other stories involve a murder mystery.


Screened's review section had a lot of love and work with hundreds of film reviews from our dedicated users. When SnowyMountain, Acura Max, and myself wrote the Screened 2013's Top Reviewers blog, I was blown away by the sheer amount of reviews. SnowyMountain and Etragedy were our active reviewers until the end of the site. They were our best reviewers. I'm currently working on saving one user's review, Etragedy, on Gdoc.

Here is a portion of SnowyMountain's Top Reviewers of 2013. I wanted to give some info on our top reviewers.


First up is CherryBomb, our SuperReviewer! She’s been around the site since 2010 and is a major forum contributor, fashionista, and blogger. She’s contributed quite a few reviews in the past and even though her numbers have dropped slightly this past year, with only 10 reviews; we expect that she’ll stick around to post some more for 2014.

She’s a very broad minded reviewer who is a true professional who breaks down each film into good and bad parts and an objective summation of it all. Congratulations Cherry!


Excessive tweeter, blogger, and occasional writer of stuff, jackanderson is one of our Super Reviewers for 2013, having contributed no less than 11 reviews. His reviews are long, rambling page of plot summaries interspaced with his personal thoughts and details about what was good or bad about each movie as it progresses. He’s also one of Screened’s biggest bloggers too and maintains his own Twitter @CallumPetch.


Active since 2010, VioletEyedDragon is one of our most highest ranking members with a massive amount of forum posts and spends most of his time selflessly expanding our wiki pages in vast detail. Even with all that going on, he still found the time to post 14 reviews throughout 2013, making him one of our Super Reviewers! He loves crafting beautiful reviews peppered with images interspaced with his prose about the facts, flaws, and good points to each movie along with comparisons to other films.


One of our Champion Reviewers with 22 reviews to his credit this year; TheLawnWrangler has been around since 2010 and is an inveterate blogger with long, detailed, and massive blogs. Much like his blogs, his reviews are massively detailed and complex where he picks apart each film and gives us the nitty gritty.


A fairly recent addition to Screened having just joined in 2012, biggest_loser is one of our Top Reviewers for 2013. A passionate reviewer with an awesome 50 reviews, he has a poetic way of describing characters. He’s a reviewer who picks out key scenes, characters, and actors in addition to talking about major trends and ambiance of the movie.


Our second Top Reviewer is SnowyMountain who just joined in 2012 but already has made an impressive benchmark this year with 83 reviews. He has a wide range of interests including sci-fi, fantasy, and anime but he’s especially fanatical about superheroes which compose most of his reviews.

As a reviewer, he’s very interpersonal with his comments and likes to bring his experiences of watching the shows as well being blunt, straight forward, and getting to the point quickly. He’s known to point out the flaws in a movie such as music, special effects, or voice acting and break them down.


And last but certainly not least is our greatest Top Reviewer! None other than the Man With An Opinion on Everything! Despite having only joined in 2010, etragedy is a major contributor to the reviews on Screened. The man is a machine, providing prolific reviews on not just major films but also independents, documentaries, foreign, and art films. In this year alone, he wrote 161 Reviews! He writes short reviews with key points in his conclusion, talks about trends in movies, and is an avid reviewer who engages with the reader. Many thanks etragedy for helping expand Screened.

Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem is a forum where Screened Pups would post threads about their movies they treasured. It was like a hybrid between reviews and forums. Folks would review their favorite movies and highlight special moments with their friends.


Acura Max

He was promoted mod weeks after Stacey took over the site.

Acura: Back then, we were just starting to get videos from cinefix. So, after seeing BigHeart's video compilation. I thought that Screened should have a compilation on the site so users can watch the videos without having to go to youtube. Meanwhile, the spam started to pile up on the forums. FinalDasa decided that it was time to get another mod help out with the spam. So, he recommended me to Stacey and Stacey asked me if I wanted to be a mod. I immediately said yes and became a mod within an hour or so after.

In Anime Vice, Acura_Max was an invaluable teammate to myself and BigHeart711 when we team up to publish anime seasonal guides. Our most recent was the Winter 2014 Anime Guide .

Daniel Newton

From Coventry, UK, Daniel Newton was one of the veteran users in the Whiskey Media sites, and he was well known across the sites due to his hard work and enormous love of video games, movies, and anime. Because of his mod status in Anime Vice, he was assigned by Ethan and the staff to be a mod in Screened to ensure the young community start off on the right foot.


The Super Sentai aficionado was one of the very first moderators to look after Screened. He searched high and low for any unruly behavior like he has done for Anime Vice for over three years and managed to set some users and fellow mods up to become model users. However, due to his busy schedule, Kelleth had to leave the site and revoked his mod status shortly after. His brave work on the wiki and keen eyes continue to watch over Anime Vice for over five years now.

Mistress Redhead

One of the former moderators that were hired on in Screened's early days alongside Kelleth and Daniel Newton (formerly named as Newten). She was mainly tasked with policing the forums of Screened alongside pre-buyout Comic Vine, but had to leave the site due to her busy life as a mother and wife thanks to an real life relationship with who happened to be a fellow Moderator from Comic Vine.


An dedicated wiki editor and a person who often reported the goings on from television shows that were of interest to the site. He later became a Moderator due to all of his dedicated work and continued to even create staff movie reviews alongside JackAnderson and Litrock (Matthew Marko). After the confirmation of Screened's departure, MrMazz decided to continue on to his tumblr page to further his exploits for movies and television.


Originally Pat4327 before he changed his name, PatVB had became a mod during the time that Ethan had control of the site. According to Ethan's last blog on Screened, Pat had became a mod around January 9th, 2011. As a user, Pat wrote content for the gundam pages as well as the Law & Order page. He was, as you can probably tell, very fond of Randy Savage (aka Macho Man). On his profile page, he would had a picture of Macho Man body slamming Jesus. Sadly, PatVB had to take away from Screened due to life commitments.


One of the normal users who was a mod a year or two into Screened. Before Acura Max stepped in, he mainly was in charge of community content and showcased the community's efforts alongside FinalDasa. He was also known for the Projects that he made for the James Bond movie franchise and even did a couple of live blogs for it. He later had become inactive and left the site due to reasons unknown.

Notes: Acura Max and I don't have complete knowledge of the mods. We only did four mods.


The staff part is written by BigHeart711 who has tremendous knowledge of Screened.

Matt Rorie

Rorie was known for his love of puppies from a couple of months into Screened and it stuck with the community until the site's end. Alongside Alex, Rorie also had to review many movies when they were released and shared his thoughts. After the Whiskey Media buyout between CBS Interactive and BermanBraun (now known as Whalerock Industries due to the owners making their separate ways) He stuck with the site for a short time after the buyout, but was laid off after a short time and later hired into most of Giant Bomb's staff, whom migrated alongside with their site.

Alex Navarro

An Giant Bomb staffer whom made double the time as a staffer for Screened as a partner alongside Rorie. During his time with reviewing, he was known for ripping apart movies and even made the most reviews with a score of 0 stars, which made the rating become controversial to the community. Aside from his reviews, he became a more charismatic person as he was contributing with both sites, but as of the buyout of Whiskey Media, he decided to move out alongside the Giant Bomb staff and parted ways with Rorie only to be partnered alongside him again months later into Giant Bomb after Rorie's layoff from Screened.

FinalDasa: Alex was actually just a Screened staffer before eventually splitting time and then fully working for GB after his move to New York. (or at least that's what I believe happened)

Tom Pinchuk

During the times not long before Tom was declared the shogun of Anime Vice, he became an article writer for Screened on the side with his "Welcome to Weird" articles, showcasing some of the rather odd and mysterious movies to even exist into the records. Outside of that he has also delved into the community's threads and even plugged some of his articles at Anime Vice at times. From his pronouncement as the Vice's Shogun onwards, he has a main goal: to run Anime Vice and further promote the site with entertaining articles alongside many model users, moderators, old ,and new and the brand new staffers (Sam Weller and Matt Murphy) that was hired alongside him.


The post-buyout staffer that had a rather bad debut, but improved herself from the mistakes that she made in order to make Screened into a more viable site. Months after her rule, she promoted Moderator FinalDasa into a Staffer and the new overlord for the website as she mysteriously departed from the community. Stacey left to pursue a different career and I think she spends a lot of time as a photographer.


Started out for Screened as a normal user who had an affinity for the Star Wars franchise as he make many wiki articles. From his hard work and perseverance, he became a moderator as approved by staffers and a few other moderators. He made sure that things were in shape for the forums alongside his partners and his efforts were made even further when also creating articles and even a twitter fan page for Screened. Still holding on to his efforts after the infamous buyout, FinalDasa became a full fledged staff member and the new ruler of the website after StacyWi's departure and made even more colleagues as he ran the site. Alas, after the announcement that Screened will be closing down for good, he painfully waved goodbye to the site in his own words on an article. it's been a long road for him, but all of his hard work, shall never be forgotten.

FinalDasa: I actually became a mod after, drunkenly perhaps, creating the ScreenedPups twitter for community stuff. It actually happened during the Happy Hour one Friday and by that Monday I was a mod.


Thank you everyone for reading. Please give all of our Screened brothers and sisters some recognition. It's hard to imagine a great community shutting down. It was such a unique community that it had a wonderful video library with such variety of different angles, great staff with plenty of front news content, and a bustling wiki and review community. No other TV and film oriented community has that. Because of that, most of our users will be separated by their specialties: wiki, forum, reviews, etc.

Screened was a place where all people of different backgrounds and interests could come together. That's the beauty of Screened.


  • BigHeart711 wrote the staff section with FinalDasa adding his take.
  • Acura wrote the mod section.
  • Takashichea wrote the Wiki, Review, RPG, Video, Hidden Gem, and Closing sections.

2nd Revision:

  • BigHeart711 expanded the mod section (rewrote MrMazz, ScanCase, MistressRed, and Kelleth).
  • Taka added podcast.
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Wow. Nice going guys. Screened might be going but obviously all your hard work has not and will not be forgotten here.
Post by Sonata (36,373 posts) See mini bio Level 20

@takashichea: Excellent write up Taka:)

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Great write up Taka! It's always sad to see an established community to be taken down, especially one that had an extensive wiki such as Screened. I personally didn't visit Screened often, as I am not that movie literate, but it still sucks for those who loved the website.

So to anyone from Screened who migrated here, welcome to AV :D.

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@Sonata: @Vapovile: @taichokage:

It was teamwork. knew the staff and mods well. He wrote their sections. I wish I knew the wiki editors. With the help of SnowyMountain, I got to know the reviewers. I should post a copy of their bio from the Screened 2013's Top Reviewers on this yearbook to honor SnowyMountain's work. That way, the review, the wiki, the staff, and the mod have relatively equal sections. Acura Max and FinalDasa helped me correct any mistakes when I was exploring the site more in detail. I never watch the videos from Screened's library until last night. I was blown away by the quality of the staff's review and dedication. I saw these videos had a lot of comments. Later on, both video libraries in Anime Vice and Screened shut down. Tom and his gang had to use Youtube to do their Vice Pit episodes. For Screened, Matt Rorie and Alex Navarro left the site to work at Giant Bomb. I know FinalDasa couldn't do video coverage because it wasn't feasible at the time. It's hard to doing video coverage.

FinalDasa, MrMazz, Etragedy, CherryBomb, and others continue putting out content all 4 years. I only came in during summer 2013.

Thank you for your comments!

2nd Revisions: I added BigHeart711's work while I added podcast. I forgot to add podcast last night.

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You would be surprised with what and even who you remember on a website you frequented for years. I'm even amazed at myself for a lot of this.

@takashichea: When the Movies and (Off-Topic) TV Club show up, we'll need to have this thing linked there in the opening post to remember Screened by as well. I thought of a pin request, but it would be much better for the Club's thread to be pinned instead due to space restraints for pinned threads.

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Agreed. The Off-Topic doesn't have a lot pinned threads compared to the battle forums.

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That's right, I was also on screened for a while.

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