Screened Live Chat at the Oscars - Feb, 24

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Welcome one and all. I'm Acura_Max and I would like to invite you all to the Screened Live Chat.

What is the Screened Live Chat?

Every major movie awards ceremony, the Screened community comes together to watch the awards ceremony. At Screened, we have a special feature where users can log in with their account to chat in real time with other users.

Who's going to be there?

In addition to the regular users at Screened and Stacey, our head staff member, a couple Animevicers were able to join in.

Why should I join in?

Because you like fun. Not good enough for you? Fine.

Watching the Oscars is like watching a bad movie. It's terrible when you're doing it by yourself, but it's fun ride when you watch it with others.

What if I have not seen any of the films/ don't care about any of the movies nominated?

We don't have to talk about the movies at all. In fact, the Screened users often get off topic and we talk about a wide variety of topics. If you fee like chatting about something, feel free to talk about it in the chat!

What movies are nominated?

The Oscars usually post the list of nominated films on their website. You can see the full list in this link.

How do I enter the live chat?

All you have to do is wait until Stacey opens the chat and click on the link when it's open. The chat should appear on the front page in the form on an article. You can't miss it.

Who is hosting the Oscars?

This year the Oscars are trying to attract younger viewers by having Seth MacFarlane as their host. Some of you guys may know him as the guy who created Family Guy. It's also been rumored that Ted will make an appearance.

What is the date and time of the event?

The main ceremony will start on Sunday Feb. 24, 2013 at 7PM EST (4PM PST). The Screened Chat will be opened during that time, but it is not unusual for the live chat to be opened before the Oscars. It gives us time to talk about the fashion on the red carpet or to speculate on who will win the main awards.

How long will this last?

The Oscars are scheduled for 3 hours, but it's not unusual for them to run past the 3 hour mark. If you can't stay on for the full length you can jump out anything. At the same time, you can jump in at anytime. Even after the awards are over, a couple users will linger and we will talk about the winners.

If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask.

There's a contest and a prize?

That's right. In this contest, all you have to do is predict which film or person will win which award. For example, if you guess that Lincoln will win the award for Best Picture and the movie does win the award, you will get one point. The person with the most correct points will win the contest and receive a prize. The last time we had this contest, the winner was able to win Screened Stickers and a gift card to go see one movie or two. This time, who knows what will be the prize. Submissions to the contest will be accepted in the comment section of this article. Submissions are due before the start of the Oscar ceremony.

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I couldn't view the Emmies last time. I should have comment in the live chat about my technical issues.

I'll try to join you guys. I heard Seth Macfarlane is hosting it. Should be interesting.

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@takashichea: Your comment just reminded me of something. This I've heard that we will be able to stream the ceremony live on the site itself. I haven't confirmed this, but Stacey has mentioned it during the Golden Globes live chat.

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I just updated the thread to include the info about the contest that Screened is hosting alongside the Live Chat. Check it out at this article. You could be the winner of a very special prize. Last time, we hosted this contest, the winner received Screened Stickers and a gift card to go see a movie or two.

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Today is Sunday. What's special about Sunday, you ask? Is it Super Bowl, President's Day, or Big Bang Theory's Comic Brunch day? No.

I'll let Acura Max do this. This thread is bumped!

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Don't forget that today is the day that Screened is having it's Live Chat for the Oscars. Log into at Sunday Feb. 24, 2013 at 7PM EST (4PM PST) to take part. If you already have an AnimeVice account, you should already have a Screened account. All you have to do is log in with your AnimeVice information.

@takashichea: Thanks, Taka!

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