R.I.P hatake kakashi(kakashi word)

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Me? I'm hatake kakashi.
The things i like and things i hate.i don't fell like telling you..
My dreams for the future never thought of that.
As for my hobbies i have a lot of hobbies
Sorry i'm late guys i got lost on the road
A ninja must see through deception
No! you don't get it. that's why i'm telling you
you think you get it. But that's not the same as getting it.Get it?
Unfornately everyone who is important to me have already died
If the bait is obivious don't take it
In this world a nninja who break the rules are scum...
For those who don't care their freind are lower than scum
If comes to a book i''m dying to see it
I will protect you with  all my lives...all of you
obitoo..sorry i broke your promise
obito..rin..sensei i'm coming soon

by kakashislovergirl

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