Richie Branson or MC Frontalot

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Who is the true Nerdcore/Otaku King?

Ways I address the comparison.

- Spread/popularity (Richie's been on Toonami, Frontalot's been on G4)

- Overall lyrical skill

- Delivery/Flow

- How relateable is what they rap about to the nerd culture (that might be the toughest one to separate since they are both classified nerdcore rappers. It might be a more personal battle this one - how relateable is what they rap about to YOU, the listener)

- Impact upon the nerd culture (This one leans heavily on Frontalot, who coined the term "nerdcore". Dunno if Richie has something big enough to combat that)

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Just checked out Frontalot

  • Popularity? No clue
  • Skill: I don't know. Neither of them really has good punchlines to me or is what I'd call a lyrical beast. Nobody
  • Flow: Frontalot sound wack to me. Ricky Branson
  • Relatability: Branson is literally rapping about anime. Like a line will be, "in episode 13 of Gundam Wing". I Frontalot just uses nerdy metaphors but he raps about real thing. Frontalot by a long shot.
  • Impact? No clue

I make beats (just came from the studio yesterday actually) so I'll add in another category:

  • Ability to pick good beats: Branson by far.
  • Overall music: I don't know. I think Branson makes insanely good beats and is insanely mediocre and completely uninteresting when it comes to lyrical content. From what I heard, Frontalot has wack beats and a usually wack flow, but he at least raps about stuff I can relate to. Maybe Frontalot has a slight edge. If I was to listen to a Frontalot song, it would be because of the song itself. For Branson, it would solely be to check out the beat.
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@sickVisionz: How about thoughts on this, then.

I'm going to give you two songs. Using the categories presented, how about you judge/compare using the songs?

Here -

and here was Frontalot's rap on G4 (we all know Richie's song 'Bring Back Toonami' was what got him noticed by Adult Swim)

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"you............... are............. likely be.................. eaten by a grue" LOL! . ah dude this reminds me of Animax .

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