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So, there were about thirty seconds between when I heard about the Anime Olympics and when I clicked the video. In those thirty seconds my mind flared with possibilities big and small. Let my just state that the Anime Olympics, while not bad, features very little "Olympic" like aspects.

At it's core, its a 10 minute variety act, themed similar to a hokey public broadcast newsdesk. If you've got 10 minutes just lying around, check out the first episode. Cristina Vee (Valenzuela) and Steve Racer (Weese) preform admirably and enjoyably as pair, yet there is something somewhat stilted that follows the entire production. They seem to enjoy the slowboil humor of segments, and often times seem to be led by it. Some segments feel scripted, and thus intentionally long, while others are improvisational in nature and choppy, creating a sharp contrast.

Plus, for a 10 minute clip (which is the equivalent of five years in video time) there seems to be no central tether to the episodes. My mind rushes to the "Anime Review," yet this, in the two episodes I watched, was a minimal component. The reviews were addressed quickly, with no build up, and then moved on from.

I have no real complaints about the content, just that all together it feels somewhat plodding. I love that the hosts cosplay, I love that they address anime, I like the "idea" of Story Time with Cristina/Spoiler-snake... but in practice its too much. The show is still in its infancy, so they have plenty of room to grow, and grow I hope they do. Mostly because I'm over analytical, and mostly because I like to use what I learned hosting over 70 episodes of hour long podcasts, but my recommendations are as follows

Foreshadowing: Broadcast early and fast what you are going to attempt to cover. This sets up expectations, and thus the viewer feels more involved.
Trim it down/bulk it up: Either cut down on the side issues, or bulk up your main ones so that there is shape and variance to the flow.
Better transition on scripted and unscripted content: Somethings, like Cristina's story time (epi 4) are so amazing scripted looking that its hard to transition into the casual, off the cuff review conversation that follows.

Overview: a noble effort that's a bit rocky, but hey, its new. As Christina says, her show is better than my non-existent one, so I can't judge too much.
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Hahahaha, that Nanoha joke instantly made watching the rest of it worth it.
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Why are they screaming?

Also, she's doing it wrong. You don't blow a raspberry when you pull down your eyelid and stick out your tongue. You go "BIIIIIIII!"
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@HeeroYuy: Though, for trivia's sake I'll point out that Cristina apparently played Nanoha in the dub.
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@John_Martone: Yeah, I recognized her voice from the dub.
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Wait, that's Cristina Venezuela? Velanueza? Valenzuela? Whatever it is?

EXTRA lulz.
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