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After coming out of a coma, a gang leader wakes up to find his gang has disbanded and now the city they used to run in now divided up between three new gangs, now you must fight each gang for the territory and revive the Saints.
4 out of 5

Game Play
the game play is a lot like GTA, hijack cars, traffic drugs, race and other activitys. You can take out the gangs in what ever order you want, but to do missions you need respect, you earn respect by doing stunts around town and completeing activities each story and stronhold mission costs one level of respect to do. there are some pretty fun missions two, one will have you racing to your stronghold stoned, while another will have you stealing radio active waste to put in a gang leaders tatoo ink. this game dousnt focus on story as much as it focus on being fun, and it is very fun. the car mechanics can get a bit weird though, and it takes a while for the game to load.
5 out of 5

In the two GTA games i have played i felt they were lacking in the good music department , GTA SA had an ok selection while GTA4 selction was pretty bad, and here is another part where Saints Row douse things right. There is a huge selection of music and enough of it good that you dont feel screwed over if you dont like crap, i mean rap actually whats the differce. Saints row features music from bands like TakingBackSunday, Paramore, The Used, Wolfmother, Avenged Sevenfold, Helmet, The Defftones, and amny more good bands. ehat makes things better is that you can make you own station compsoed of songs in the game. i would have liked to add songs from my hardrive into the game but no games perfect
5 out of 5

fun gameplay, fun story, good music

Strange phsics, load time

In conclusion
This is a great game, go get it.
5 out of 5
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Good review ^^
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I get the feeling this belongs in Giantbomb instead of Animevice, but what do i know?
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@AgentJ: Ehh it's in off topic so almost anything goes.
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@RedRoses said:
" @AgentJ: Ehh it's in off topic so almost anything goes. "
Oh yeah, he's certainly ALLOWED to post it here, but i think its safe to assume that his post would get more traffic there : )
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I loved SR2 very fun gameXD

nice review^^
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