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well i'm here to try out a new style with  Mana Khamia 2: Fall of Alchemy
Mana Khamia 2: Fall of Alchemy
It's been a while since I've visited the Al-Revis Academy with Vayne and his group of aspiring alchemist and things are looking to well, since the first game there has been a steady decrease in the number of Manas, and mana energy, Unfortunately for the Academy, it just so happens it was on a floating island supported by mana, with the decrease the island fell to earth, surprisingly causing little damage. But with the lack of Manas in the world it's becoming harder to train great Alchimist and the school was facing Bankruptcy until a sponsor came and took charge, The alchemy courses where shortened to one year program instead of three, plus now the school would except any application,
Split Stories
This game features to protagonist each with there own story with are actually quite different, Raze and Yurika.
Raze is a 16 year old person who when his grandfather got weak was forced into work with a family friend, after about ten years of working under Lily (the daughter of Raze's employer) Lily has gained a crush on him, witch she is pretty bad at hiding, despite this Raze's seems to either be oblivious or just doesn't care. He was forced to go to the acadmy and enroll in there combat department, along the way the meet Yun, a money obseesed  Mana, Puniyo a five year old girl raised by Punis and thus believes she is a puni, and Etward or et for short, a hyper active stupid girl. Razes story mainly focuses on when he gets a ring that has the power to send Manas back to the Mana world from a guy named Reicher. The story revolves around his subconscious hate for Manas.
When Yurika was young a strange old man gave her an mana egg, Still believing it's a mana egg after ten years she enters Al Revis academy to become a great alchemist with the help of here unborn mana, unfortunately she is not exactly that smart. along with here she brings with here Chloe, Yurika's childhood friend, and a dark girl into witchcraft and curses, turn ons include death and human suffering. to claim a work shop for alchemy they hire a muscle bound fairy named Pepperoni, abduct a twelve year old mechanic named Emna, and a get a playboy talking ball named Goto. After a few days in the Academy the mana egg hatches and Uryu is born, Yurika story primarily involves around a bet made between two mana kings and Yurika's involment.
Time for Class
In the game it will progress through classes, each chapter will give you three classes to get eight marks, classes will give you talks and you will be graded on how well you preform, A's will get you four marks, B's will get three, C's two, and so on. If you get the eight marks easily you get free time, during free time you can take jobs, open a shop, and go through Character stories. But if you don't get enough marks, with en the three days, you will get detention, here you will get a hard assignment that you will be required to do to progress, unlike another game with a similar system, though you can only progress through days by doing an class assignment, opening up a store, or going through a character story.
Character's story
If you played the first one, you may recocise the characters stories, these where side stories about the characters is which gave the character depth, there are two big difference from the first one, first you activate these stories from the same place you give tasks to you party instead of talking with then and second, they dropped the depth part, most are just comical distractions now. Unlike the first one you can now Finnish all character stories, you can still get a different ending for each character, but these are decided right before the final dungeon, and will have no effect till the credits end.
Do this
In the game you can assign characters different tasks to carry out each day, tasks include Gathering (getting material for Synthesis) Synthesis (making items with out using material) and Seaching, they will get items from monsters and AP.
 Finding stuff
Each dungeon has spots called gather points, in the previous game you went to these pressed x and got items, but in this one there are mini games for all the gathering memory based Mining, slot machine system for picking plants, and timing for fishing. doing these are important to get material for synthesis. but be carfull enemies become tougher at night, though unlike the first there is a very dramatic change in there power
Full Game alchemist
This game revolves around Alchemy, You can only make items you have a recipe for, to get these you can buy them, get them from bosses or dungeons, add a new first item to a recipe you already have, or synthesizing a certain item with a certain character. Through alchemy you will make items. each item has has an either score and a element, the element will be represented by the color of the card. The either level will determine the bonus to the either level of the iteam your making. actual synthesis will have you choose a a member of you party to to help, they will give bonuses to the either level, Either level will also effect the items usefulness. after picking a Character a wheel on the bottom right corner will start spinning if the either level of the ingredent is 50 or above pressing x at the same element on the wheel will give you a bonus to the either level, but if you press x on the opisate element you get a reduction, but if the either level is below 50 the process is vise versa.
Growing on you
There is no real leveling system in this game (though doing battles will get you HP and SP bonuses) Instead as yo pattle you will get AP, or ability points, you can use these to get upgrades in the grow book, This has been vastly improved over the firs game, unlike the first game, as soon as you make an item the upgrades become available. Each character has a set of items you need to make to unlock them in the grow book and thus unlock more upgrades.
Tag team chaos
Combat revolves around the five characters you have, three out front. the three out from can be swapped with the two in support at almost any time doing so will allow these characters to recover SP while some other character is fighting, As you attack the Unite meter will go up, with this reaches 100% you will go into Unite mode here attacks will be more powerful and characters will be able to use Intimate Guard and Attack, these are specail ability that will heal or buff your party or do a lot of damage to the enemy. as you use these support options another meter will fill, with this one reaches full, while in unite mode you will be able to select one of your three characters out in the front and have them do a finishing strike, this will do great damage to one enemy. 
So who's back?
 Only three characters return from the previous game, The three year senior Flay, now a teacher, the short tempered antaginst Tony, also a teacher, and the teacher Zeppel, now the principle of the school.
In conclusion
This to me felt like it was a step in the wrong direction, while the gameplay mechanics are vastly improved the story doesn't really have all that much substance, but if you looking for a game with a lot of anime style humor then this just may be what you want 
(assuming you already played Altelier Iris and AR teniloco)
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Here's the intro to the game
 i have to say wow these graphics look very good, to bad you won't actually see them in the game
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