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The Ghostbusters got a new recruit, just in time to stop all hell from breaking loose... again in this faithful installment to the Ghostbuster franchise, if you never seen the Ghostbuster movies, you'd also be pretty much lost. The leader of the Gozer cult apparently remolded more then just that one apartment , but also the rest of the town to make a Mandalas, a spiritual symbol meant to channale Pk, or spiritual energy to a single point. you play as a new recruit, witch brings me to my biggest gripe with the game, calling your avatar a character is stretching it, it doesn't even seem like he thinks, it feels more like you playing as the worlds most convenient ghost turret then a 
The game is a third person shooter with what amount to four different guns, each with an alt-fire, and this is like a trade off, instead of having a lot of guns, you have four guns that are useful in any situation You have the normal proton beam, witch can pick up objects along with be used as a weapon, it's alt fire is this games equvlent to a grenade launcher, shoot out a single burst that explodes on contact. The Slimer normal fire is usful against a lot of enemies near the end, but the tether alt fire allows you to trap ghost no mater there life if used correctly it can be one of the most useful tools. the stasis gun normal fire can freeze enemies, ant alt fire is this games version of a shotgun. and the Mosen gun, works as a sub machine gun with rapid fire, and a alt fire that fires a long range single shot. You get money for defeating ghost and collecting haunted artifacts. but you loose money for property you destroy while on the job, so you should aim carefully. money can be used to upgrade your guns. though i found there only a hand full you actually needed. The game game is squad base, so it's only game over if all people is you squad die. Your also not sapose to cross the streams, but i tried to do it and nothing really happened. all in all the game actually douse a good job of making you feel like your acatualy a ghostbuster.
seemed to be up to todays standards 
It's Ghostbusters
you characters lack of any personality
In conclusion
This seemed like a game made for Ghostbuster fans by Ghostbuster fans, and as a Ghostbuster fan i loved this game.
Thought on the future of the series
During the ending credits you you hear a conversation, witch lead me to speculate on where they where taking this series. first the conversation was about them making a new office somewhere and sending the new recruit there to run it. here;s what i made of it, this game story was written by the original writers of the ghost buster movies, i think they added this in in case they did decided to make a new ghostbusters movie, (witch now seems like a possibility) so they wouldn't have to introduce this new character out of no where, as for the game, i belive this is putting all development of future games in Thermals hands, allowing them to make more ghostbuster games that would serve as a spin of series detailing the ghostbusters in other cities. please note this is all just speculation
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