Psychotic Preview: Mana Khamia 2 coming to a PS2 near you

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Ok, so with the next new alteir game (i relize that the DS port of Alteir Anna will be a first for us in the states) how is one going to get there fix of alchemy, why not Mana Khamia 2: Fall of Alchemy a spin off of the Altier it looks like they're taking the alchemy system back to more of an alteir Iris form by allowing you to convert object into varies elemental mana then use that to recreate the items you have already created. it also looks like the combat system from the original game in witch you had three characters battle and three in a support postion, The three in the battle postion would start the battle, but you could call in the support to follow up an attach or take a hit, while in support characters would slowly regain SP and HP. as for the story not much is know but it will allow you to choose between two characters, each with there own story. this looks like a great adtion the the Alteir frachise and i can't wait to get my hand on it it August 27 2009
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