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There have been a lot of RPGs that combined a lot of comedy in a series setting, Persona 4 comes to mind, Still it wasn't able to surpass my pick in comedy or game play, For me the best game ever made would have to be Shadow Hearts 2 Covenant. you know the final boss of the first game? well it seems a religious cult was planning on killing it and making a huge show out of it, and now there pissed at Yuri for ruining there plans. The game featured a system called the judgment wheel, this would deturmin if you attack, how many times you attacked, and if you got criticals, It worked buy spining a red line around a circuital symbal, with varies yellow shaded parts, press x while the line was over the yellow shaded part and attack, press it in a red shaded area you got a critcal. the min character also could change his stats by transforming into demons (kinda like vincent from FF7) here's the original trailer.

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