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Just some non anime movies that i enjoyed
Tommy Boy. When a business man dies, it's up to his idiot son and an employee to save the buiness from being bought out by a complete douchbag. The comedy in this is kinda like Airplane, but more realistic
Black Sheep. staring the same two guys from Tommy Boy. this about some one ruining for Governor of Washington State's brother's attempts to help him, that useally turn out terrible, like getting stoned then going on live TV.
EuroTrip. A group of teens decided to take a trip to Europe looking for sex and drugs, the movie is actually very funny.
Donnie Darko. This cult classic follows Donnie Darko, after a six foot tall talking rabbit named Frank saves his life, and the odd jobs Frank has for donnie (like arson)
Dogma. Two angles banished from heaven and cursed to life on earth for the rest of time have found a loop hole that would allow them back into heaven. unfortunately if they succeed they also will negate reality so it's up to the main character along with Jay and silent bob (don't know the name of the actors) Chris Rock and some one i can't remember to stop the angles from analitaing every thing. This also has one of the most ironic casting, George Carlin as a cardinal.
Mall Rats. Two friends who like to spend time at the mall have to stop a game show that could cause one of them to loose there girlfriend.
Clerks 2. to lazy to give another description, it's a comedy
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