Proof that Lady GAGa is a creep

Topic started by jewl122 on Aug. 5, 2010. Last post by Treefish 4 years, 6 months ago.
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Okay, me and my friend was singing Pokerface and Bad romance, and someone showed us why we should not listen to her. At first I thought it was a complete joke, until I checked it out. It turns out.... she is .... um.... well.... in , uh... occult. Or something. At the begining, she does that ra ra crap, turns out it's some time type of .... hant for the false god Re. Notice how she covers one side of her face? Well.....that is the all seeing eye of evil or something. And that A- ok? The three upside down nines. Not cool. So later that night, I tried to go to sleep  but I couldnot because I dunno, it scared the flip outta me. So when i see her face, I have a heart attack. Plus some stuff she said in an interview abot she i dunno some random crap.
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I can't stand sister idolizes her and my mother keeps ocasionally singing that Poker Face song (makes me want to rip out my hair and jump out a window). It does not take a genius to realize that this Gaga lady has some nuts and bolts loose in her mind (I personally think that she is crazy). WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE OBSESSED WITH HER??? -_-
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being into the occult is well down on the list of reasons to despise this psycho bitch IMO.
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@ShadowKnight508: Because she's famous and makes catchy tunes that get stuck in your head X D I do agree with you though, but then again I dislike all pop stars with a passion so I dunno if my opinion really counts for much. 
Tbh I'm really not surprised about the occult thing. I'm sure most pop stars are into something slightly..... odd, which is only a matter of time until the media finds out and has a field day. 
But thats just the world we live in, occult members, sluts and talent-less people are idolized as it would seem = P 
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Honestly I love Lady Gaga. She's a very good performer. I don't see why people hate her for being different, but to each their own I suppose.
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I hate Ga Ga too but. Ra has nothing to do with the Occult that you are referring to. (satanists and other bulcr@p cults Christians hate. kinda think of it, that's pretty much every religion not Christian lol).
I don't even think its supposed to be that. its just all random bullcr@p!! lol
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@jewl122:  I think its more catchy lyrics and tune but yeah = P I guess in that case she's good at what she does cos a pop singer needs that to be successful. It's just not my cup of tea her style of music thats all X D 
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I have nothing against Lady Gaga. I don't think she has anything to do with the occult being referred to in the first post.  
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All that just makes her cooler xP
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@jewl122:  Yes but i already told you i'd like to keep pm conversations on the forums from now on!! :P
You did well but i already told you i have no interest in star gossip especially western ones.
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Occult stuff aside, will anyone even remember Gaga's songs three to five years from now?
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@CapeBarnes:  Nope! lol
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@Kelleth:  I dunno I may still remember poker face for a while:P
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If she keeps up with her music career, then yes, but that's just my opinion.
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@jewl122:  Kid, you watch to much movies.
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@jewl122: I'm pretty sure most of what you heard about this is from either movies or other people who saw those movies and thought it had some truth to it! Which is dumb because it fiction! meaning its NOT REAL. The truth is that you don't know what they do or what their deal is and that's what scares people!! That's what makes it so easy for people to make conspiracy theories!! As far as i know from common knowledge posted all over the net is that they aren't actually a true religious factor. They are more of ''a way of life'' type of group that splintered from normal Christianity who seemed to like a diffirent order then what was normally allowed in that time. And that order is what is now rooted in to the American Government and is pretty much harmless.

And besides with the word ''Ra'' (Which is again not really a clue just bad text) and the covering of her eye thing. You can interpret allot of things from that. Like Ra (or rather Horus) +Eye= Wedjat (Eye of Horus)= Protection, the six senses who all hold a specific meaning hidden in the symbol. But not.... Illuminaty... At least not right away, they do use a symbol like that but they don't call it that because they are still Christians. Anyway that was just you throwing a gamble in search for an answer. If you so desperately want to be scared of a group then be scared of Neo Nazi's or the KKK those are the people who would hurt or kill any body for fun :P
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@Kelleth:  The power that the Illuminati wield may or may not be fake. That being said, Their are several groups that resemble the Illuminati like the Skull and Bones whose members include high ranking politicians, business tycoons and leaders of the military. With that kind of roster, they could easily influence the nation. 
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More people on the hate Gaga Train huh?
And the Occult? Well if she is she can be my darn leader. All hail GaGa... after Lelouch of course. We can make a bad romance..
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Lady Gaga's parents dissociated themselves from her.
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@jewl122 said:

P.S Kahan, you do know what that illuminati is........ 

I dont give a damn about any of that. I dont care if some secret organization is controlling the world and it's workings from behind the scenes, but if I was ever asked to join I would in a heartbeat.
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