Playing Shenmue for the First Time

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 After years of hearing about this game, I finally order a copy of Shenmue off Amazon last week; it arrived yesterday and I pop it in my Dreamcast and played it for the first time.The reason why I decided to purchase this game now is mainly because of the upcoming 10th anniversary of the Dreamcast.  I'm far from completion of the game but I already played a chunk of it.
Where do I find those sailors?
Where do I find those sailors?
It's pretty surreal playing a game that I've been hearing about how amazing that game is for years now. When I first jumped into the gameplay, i was surprise by the game's controls - it's the tank-like controls that was found from the early Resident Evil games. The first thing I was told to do is to meet up with a character in the dojo were Ryo's father was killed in the beginning of the game; but I decided to do is look around Ryo's house and growing accustomed of the game's mechanics. I was overwhelmed to know the amount of details the game has - I spent a good amount of time just walking around, opening up cabinet doors and searching for items, it was also neat that I had control over Ryo's arm when a item is found and up close to the camera. What I found was a flash-light and a couple of pictures, and then I begin to ask myself, "Do I need this stuff? I guess I'll find out later."  
As I went out experience the world of Shenmue, I begin to notice the game's strongest aspects. The game has no linear progression what so ever, most of what I was doing is just walking around and talking to people to gain new leads on the man who murder Ryo's father. That may sound boring but it was just interesting to know how the story unfolds. At times I was going to turn off game and take a break, but I just didn't felt ready to leave the world of Shenmue yet, I said to myself, "Okay, I'm done for now. . . . .Nah, I'll go find one of the members of the "Three Blades" and then I'm done"  There is some combat in the game and it's 100% Virtua Fighter (Hell, some of the sounds are taken from the Virtua Fighter games).
For a game that's nearly nine years old on a system that's nearly ten years old, Shenmue is a impressive game. I do have a original Xbox and I plain to find a copy of Shenmue II. The series may not have been successful, but if it's any consolation, the Shenmue series has gain a new fan.
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glad you are enjoying it. to this day i still rank shenmue 1 and 2 as one of the highlights in my 20 odd years of gaming.  
while the games were not perfect , some aspects of them still hold up by todays standards.  
if you spent all that time just in the house just wait till you find the arcade , you will never leave. the qte games are so bloody addictive. 
Long live Shenmue  
on a side note i cant believe Sega have done it to us again with Yakuza. If you think about it shenmue and yakuza have had a similar experience. the first games in both series came out amidst a lot of hype but didnt sell well. the second installment came out but there was no english audio. to some this made the games better. and now Yakuza 3 wont come out outside of japan and they wont patch in subs. i know its not totally the same as Shenmue because Yakuza 3 does exist but in both cases Sega have been absolute dicks. i know ill never see Shenmue 3 but patch Yakuza 3 with subs FFS and let us import it
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Oh man, I always wanted to play Shenmue. Its one of those Holy Grail kinda games. Thanks for making me all, jealous-like.
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I just wish they would come out and make Shenmue 3 already, but seeing how bad Shenmue 1 & 2 did (has far has sales are.) I wouldn't hold my breath.
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