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I wouldn’t say that there is a certain type of anime and manga that i am interested in. I would rather claim to like anything that is good. However there is indeed anime that i do not like, that turns me off. While i cannot neologize it with a particular description, there are traits of that type of anime that will show up in another works that will irritate me and leave a bad taste in my mouth with regards to my viewing pleasure. If the anime is good enough and the story compelling enough, i can ignore such material, such as with Madoka magica, which i was initially put off by, because of how whiny Madoka was for a large part of the story, but the plot was intriguing enough to hold my attention. With Okami Kakushi, the story wasn’t intriguing enough to keep glued to the screen. And i will not say that it is a shame because even the potential for something good is absent.


Hiroshi Kuzumi , 16 years old, has just moved to the quite and serene village of Jogamachi, nestled deep in the mountains and mostly isolated from the city. With an eccentric father and a wheel chair bound sister, Hiroshi expects to enjoy a mostly quite, eventful life of obscurity in the small village, which as it turns out, is split by a river into the old and new Jogamachi. The first clue that Hiroshi receives that life might not be as quite as he might have expected are the deep routed rituals and traditions from ancient times that the village still participates in at present.

Secondly, Hiroshi, never the popular type, is confounded by the great level of attention that is showered upon him, not least by the blonde haired Isuzu who declares her love for him and shows hostility to those that attempt to divert his attention away from her on the very first day. Only nemuru, the quite class president seems uninterested in the suddenly popular student.

And when she takes it upon her self to one day warn him to steer clear of the old part of the village, he cannot truly fathom what awaits him once he chooses to ignore her and cross the threshold.


I have a problem with whiny characters; i am talking about those characters that spend a large part of an anime, well, whining and crying. i hate going into a series expecting a good anime only to find myself watching an animated telenova. Okami felt a bit like that. I started watching Shiki even after dumping it months earlier because of how good Another was. I was convicted to give the thrilling material another try.

I attempted Okami kakushi, after dumping it last year, because of how good Shiki was. I figured that i now had the patience to with stand what ever insufferable elements had alienated me from the series last year to find the intriguing and psychological thriller than i expected this to be. I was wrong. I didn’t finish this anime. I staggered through the first five episodes, then skipped to episode 9, and quickly gave up after that. Mind you, after the first episode i couldn’t find the courage to continue so i ordered myself to watch one episode of this anime a day till i was done with it, or till it finally hooked me. That is what i did with Shiki and by episode 3 i was hooked. With Okami i couldn’t make it past episode five, and i was fast forwarding.

The story, about so called god men and how they are tempted by a scent from normal human beings which turns them into the so called fallen, wild fiends that attack and absorb the souls of the innocent and how Hiroshi produces 100,000 times more of this scent that normal godmen, might sound good to some, but i rolled my eyes when i heard it, then willed myself to give it a fair try, before seeing how it played out and realized how dumb it was.

Even Nemuru’s portion of the plot seemed forced and clichéd, especially the parts about how sad she was at being forced to carry out her duties; mind you when you first see nemuru in her ferocious disguise, you can eventually tell that its her, long before they make the assumedly shocking revelation.

This story was supposed to be horror, it was supposed to keep me at the edge of my seat, biting my nails as my stomach clenches in anxiety over the fate of the characters in the story. It wasn’t scary; there was no tension, no intense psychological twist and turns. At no point was i on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next; rather i kept trying to figure out how far forward i could skip and still maintain a solid understanding of the series.

Hiroshi as the hero was stupid. I figured things out before he did, and he was privy to knowledge that i wasn't. Mysteries that were obvious to everyone he struggled to work out; even making basic observations seemed beyond his capabilities. All he did was fulfill his duties as a cliché hero, standing in the middle of two pathetic (not in the good sad way) forces, being undecided about every simple situation and relating to every side, unwilling to see simple good and evil,. another factor by the way that they tried to present as some complex philosophical debate. It wasn’t.

The heroines, if they were that, were trying really hard to make you feel sorry for them. I wasn’t falling for it. And the more they whined, the more irritated i got.

RATING:> 2/5; not so badly animated; unfortunately i will not say that the story had the potential to be good because it didn’t.

Verdict – i believe someone out their might find this series a worth while pass time, but i doubt anyone will be blown away or intrigued half as much as you are supposed to be. I will not say ‘don’t bother’, because a certain kind of otaku might enjoy this series. So try it and see.

Okami Kakushi is a 12 episode adaption of a visual novel written by Touko Machida and directed by Nobuhiro Takamoto.

The title is a play on the words Okami, which means wolf, and kamikakushi, which means spirited away.

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