Of All the Fighting Videogames You Play, Who do You Mainly Use?

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I was wondering this since I've been playing fighting games with the school lounge regulars after my classes now. I've played a lot of them (owned a few) and even had duels with people via Wii Sports Resort (but let's leave the duels part out since we always use Miis of ourselves.)

Here are the ones I can remember (The games I own are in bold)...

Persona 4 Arena - Main: Chie, Subs: Teddie and Akihiko (Main Navigator: Fuuka, Sub Navigator: Nanako [When both are available. Otherwise, I stick with lil' ol' Rise])

Tekken 6 - Main Male: Law, Sub Male: Armor King. Main Female: Lili, Sub Female, Azuka.

Super Street Fighter IV - Main: Ken, Subs: Juri and Chun-Li

Street Fighter x Tekken - Main Team: Ken and Lili, Sub Team: Law and Azuka

Mortal Kombat 9 - Main: Cyber Sub-Zero, Subs: SHang Tsung and Kitana

Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Main: Marth, Subs: Samus and Pokemon Trainer

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Marvel vs Capcom 2'; Strider, T.Bonne, Morrigan

UMvC3': I suck at this but X-23, Morrigan, Doom

Street Fighter & Friends: Sakura & Rose

Those are the only fighters that I can remember the names of the characters I played. My basic is thing is that I like quick characters how have something crafty about them or are spunky. This usually means females. I don't think I've ever mained a dude in any fighting game that I actually wanted to be mildly competitive at.

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Don't play fighting games too often nowadays. But let's see: 
Guilty Gear XX = Sol Badguy, Eddie, Faust, Millia Rage, Venom, Slayer
Street Fighter Alpha 3= Cammy, Evil Ryu, Akuma, Sakura, Sagat, Balrog
Tekken franchise= Jin Kazama, Heihachi Mishima, Eddie Gordo 
Mortal Kombat 3/ UMK3/ MK Trilogy= Robot Smoke, Sub-Zero (unmasked), Noob Saibot, Scorpion, Rain 
Super Smash Bros Melee= Zelda/ Sheik, Kirby, Roy, Ness, Jigglypuff 
Street Fighter EX 2 Plus= Kairi, Shadow Geist, Garuda, Hokuto, Vulcano Rosso, Skullomania 
Street Fighter 4= Ryu, Ken, Sakura, Akuma, Zangief
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Persona 4 Arena : Yosuke, Chie

Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012: Ken, Cody

Street Fighter X Tekken : Ken and Asuka, Julia and King

Tekken 6 : Asuka, currently have no sub.

Soul Calibur V :Mitsurugi and Patroklos

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 : Taskmaster, Captain America and Sentinel

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  • Super Smash Brothers Melee and Brawl - Mostly Mario, Ike, Samus, Kirby, Link (melee only), Roy,
  • Soul Calibur 2 - No preference
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Super Smash Bros: Melee - Luigi, Link, Mario, Mr. Game and Watch, and Captain Falcon Super Smash Bros: Brawl - Luigi, Mario, Kirby, Captain Falcon, Lucas, and Ness BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift - Iron Tager, Bang Shishigami, and Noel Vermillion/Mu-12. Super Street Fighter IV: Ryu, Ken, and Dudley. (Pardon this being messy-looking...stupid iPad does not support the text editor)
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SSF4AE: Juri, Sakura

Blazblue: Tager

Guilty Gear: Baiken, Jam

Persona 4 Arena: Kanji, Akihiko

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Captain America, Spencer, Hulk, Super Skrull

I actually just downloaded Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code yesterday and have been fiddling around in it. It's not so much fun when you're stuck only playing Arcade mode over and over :( But I really like using Ryougi Shiki.

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MK = Scorpion in MK2011 I'm actually really friggen good at him too

Street fighter = chun li

SSBM = Boswer

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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Vergil

Tekken 6: Lee Chaolan

SSBB: Marth


Street Fighter: Cammy

Marvel vs Capcom 2: Hayato

Guilty Gear: Baiken

Capcom vs SNK: Kyo

Soul Calibur: Kilik

Rival Schools: Edge

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I just play King of Fighters (It's the king for a reason)

I run with Terry, Iori, and Mai

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Here's my favorite characters :D


Darkstalkers:Lord Raptor,Sasquatch,Rikuo,Huitzel,Victor,and Jon Talbain,Hsein Ko

KOF: Tizoc,Duck King,Momoko,Jyazu,Benimaru

SS: TamTam,Sugoroku,ChamCham,Siegar

MVC: Deadpool,Firebrand,Zero,Spiderman

Brawl:King Dedede,Wario,Sonic,Captain Falcon,Pokemon Trainer

GG: Faust,Slayer,Zappa,May

BlazBlue:Platinum,Arakune,Iron Tager

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Dragon Ball Z (Budokai 3, Infinite World, Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Ragin Blast 1&2) -Broly, Gohan, and Super 17

Street Fighter - M. Bison, Sakura, Ibuki, Akuma, Crimson Viper, Vulcano Rosso, and Garuda

Capcom vs SNK 1&2 - Bison, Kyo, Sakura, Evil Ryu, and Akuma.

Super Amash Bros. Brawl - Samus (same with her zero suit), and Toon Link, Red, and Wario

Soul Calibur - Yoshimitsu

Tekken - Paul and Law

WWE games - Edge

Mortal Kombat - Goro

Pokemon - Feraligatr, Dragonite, Lucario, Smeargle, Haxorous, Charizard, Metagross, and Arcanine

and more...

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King of Fighters 98 : King , Billy , Kyo

Super Street Fighter 2 : Ryu , Vega , Sagat

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  • Super Street Fighter 4- Ken, Ryu, Juri, Cammy, Chun-li, Akuma, Sagat, Dudley
  • Street Fighter X Tekken- Ryu, Ken, Juri, Poison, Jin, Lili, Kazuya, Ibuki, Chun-li, Sagat
  • Mortal Kombat 2011- Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, Noob Sabot, Jade, Milleena, Shang Tsung, Sonya
  • Capcom vs SNK 2-  Mai, Sagat, Terry,
  • Dead or Alive 5- Christie, Kasumi, Lisa, Tina, Mila, Sarah, Ayame, Hayabusa, Rig, Hayate, Helena
  • Guilty Gear XX- Sol, Johnny, Jam, Baiken, Venom, Ky Kiske, I-no, Slayer, Millia Rage
  • Marvel vs Capcom 3- Morrigan, Felicia, Dante, Deadpool, Spider-Man, Super-Skrull, Iron Man, Akuma, Wolverine
  • Soul Calibur- Kilik, Taki, Maxi, Talim, Ivy, Mitsurugi,
  • Tekken 6- Christie, Lili, Jin, Kazuya, Lee
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Super Smash Bros: Mario, Captain Falcon, Fox McCloud

Tekken: Bob

Street Fighter: Guile, Ryu, Ken

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Captain America, Chris Redfield, Wolverine

All the millions of Dragon Ball Z fighting games I own: Goku, Yamcha, Trunks

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super smash bros brawl: fox mc cloud, sonic, wario

ssf4 arcade edition: sagat, zanguief, guy

soul calibur 5: mitsurugi!

naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm gen: naruto kyubbi chakra, naruto sennin, raikage.

those are the games i play at the time

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Super Smash Bros (any of them): Pikachu

Street Fighter: Sakura

Soul Calibur: Talim

Mortal Kombat: SubZero, Reptile, Rain, Ermac

Injustice Gods Among Us: Green Lantern, Batman, Black Adam

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Injustice : Gods Among Us - Aquaman , Doomsday

Tekken Tag 2 - Asuka Kazama, Jun Kazama

PlayStation All-Stars - Kat

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I must have missed this thread before. Lets see... I'll put them in order of most used fist.

  • Tekken: Devil Jin, Kazuya, Law, Armor King, Asuka, Jin
  • Soul Calibur: Taki/Natsu, Yun-Seong
  • Mortal Kombat: Scorpion, Noob Saibot
  • Super Smash Bros: Sheik, Sonic, Young/Toon Link, Link, Mario

I need to buy Injustice and Dead or Alive 5...

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SoulCalibur: Siegfried

Injustice: Superman, Flash, Captain Marvel

Playstation All Stars: Dante, Kratos

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