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Hi, if you are watching this, this is my profile. I am Caio Trubat, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am a very great fan of Bleach, Dragon Ball (and of course, i was sick of watching that goddamned movie, WTF! How could they let create that piece of shit movie?). I am 17 year-old, but also likes old manga such Hokuto no Ken, JoJo Bizarre Adventure and Devilman. I just don't like Sant Seiya, it is just to silly,  not counting here in Brazil it is called Knights of the Zodiac. Also i write and draw a doujinshi called something in english just as ''swimning on blood", is a vampire-themed history, something like mixed with Dragon Ball and Naruto with Hellsing and Trinity Blood. I know it is weird and don't sound original but is not just me who write the history but mu friends also help me, and is funny. The history is like uh, in a apocalyptic world where a vampire is the hero of the history and must fight through  a army of wizards and witches and stuff, to save his girlfriend.

 I know it just appear silly but i have been writing thi story since 2005 til now and i already created about 200 chapters, and evolved from the description seen above to a much bigger story and everyone likes to play a role: the protagonist, a vampire called Calic lives in a world devastated by a nuclear war, and criminal gangs take over the cities. Unlike the traditional legends, he is not affected by crosses, sunlight, stakes or garlic, neither turn into bats or stuff like that, but still, he has pointy teeth, red eyes, is super-strong, speedy, immortal and, u know, undeaaaaaad... He has a girlfriend called Ryoka, and friends like Will, a super-strong martial artist, Raphael, a mutant wiht shape-shifting abilities, Daniele, a skilled female assassin and others. However, a enemy appears, his name is Hamon, he is a vampire himself but much more powerful than Calic he kidnapp Ryoka intendin to turn her into his undead bride and escapes with her.
 Calic fights with Hamon and defeat him but he later has to turn Ryoka in a vampire. Hamon returns and this time he murders Calic (WTF, he is not suposed to die, he is not the hero?) when he shields Ryoka, Will and his friends from Hamon' attack, killing him but not before entrusting his will to defeat the villain. Will trains harder under Master Moses, a skilled in assassination martial arts, teaching several moves and how to overcome the vampire. Will and his friends later encounter Hamon but has to fight against the monsters summoned by Hamon. They are all defeated but when about to finish off the heroes Calic return (Amazing!), he spent nearly a month trying to escape underworld and return to the living world on his own and resumes his revenge against Hamon,ending in Hamon's defeat. And the heroes return to home but Hamon ins indeed alive and waiting to have his revenge.

 The heroes also fight against a powerful martial artist called Shoush, an unbeatable enemy, even Master Moses is frightned by his fighting style. He join forces with Hamon and they became really awesome duo, pwning every one in their way. Calic defeats them with the help of his father Bardock, also a vampire . After the villains defeat, Calic is arrested by the law enforcements (they re crooked) for he being a vampire. He is sentenced to be left for dead in a maze filled with monsters and other people wanting to kill him for kicks. He beat the hell out of them while protecting a boy happeing to be a NOOB! called Douggie. Despite having no guts to fight and very low power level, he is stated to be either the savior or destroyer of the world, and Calic must protect him and take him to Bardock and Moses to train Douggie and become stronger.

The story was created for our own, and mey not please many critics but screw them, i dont need to hear how i must direct the whole play. So you see, everyone has creativity is just the way you have to use it to comprehend. I hope to contiunuing in the story

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