My Top Four Favorite Manga Fights Of 2012

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Happy new year everyone and welcome to My Top Four Favorite Manga Fights Of 2012. Why Top Four? Because I different LOL! This list is about the best fights in manga I have read over this year, which is mostly Shonen titles (since they are the only action title I read LOL!). Anyway, this list is not in order (there are minor spoils).

All those are quick thoughts on the fight

1. Elfman Strauss Vs. Bacchus

The best fight in Grand Magic Games Arc, in my opinion. Elfman is one of my favorite characters in Fairy Tail (and one of the reason why I still read it LOL!). This fight was just pure awesome, it was a brawl between two men.

2. Itachi & Sasuke Vs. Kabuto Yakushi

I dislike Sasuke so much, but this fight was pretty good. I like how they was using teamwork on Kabuto, and how Kabuto was like two steps ahead of them (it was a good fight until the end)

3. Monkey D. Luffy Vs. Caesar Clown

Caesar Clown is a great villain, he is so evilly jerky. Every time Luffy punch CC it feel so good. (also love all the faces he made doing the fights)

4. Franken Stein & Marie Mjolnir Vs. Justin Law

I like this fight, it just Stein going crazy and all out on Law

And those are my very short thoughts about my favorites fights of this year. What are your favorites manga fights for this year?

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Have a Happy New Year

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Despite Stein's weird bunny ear coming from his eyes, I enjoy the battle between him and Justin Law. It's funny, I was catching up on Soul Eater this winter break. I was on chapter 64 or so. I'm amazed how Soul Eater has grown. Death the Kid has got more powerful and darker, Chrona just killed his own mother, and Soul has this cool ability using his piano to fight against madness.

Manga Battles for this year

I loved Bacchus and Elfman's fight as well. To counter it manliness, I say Wendy vs Chelia - a cute fight between little girls using wind magic. That was an interesting fight. I was torn between which is the best Fairy Tail manga fight for this year:

  • Elfman vs Bacchus
  • Wendy vs Chelia
  • Lucy vs Flare
  • Laxus vs Raven Tail

I can't include Erza's battle with Minerva and Kagura since it's not done yet.

The worse fight in the manga this year has to be Natsu vs Sting and Rogue. It was one sided fight since Natsu didn't put much a struggle. I had such a high expectations for a Dragon Slayer battle with Gajeel & Natsu vs Sting & Rogue. Gajeel didn't get to complete his battle and duke it out with Rogue. I was a bit disappointed.

Cassim vs Alibaba
Cassim vs Alibaba

Since Magi is a new fall 2012 series, I can't spoil much for you. I couldn't resist reading the manga ahead of the anime. Compared to how I resisted reading the Fairy Tail manga until the end of the Tenrou Island arc, I did a lousy job.

Why is this fight the best?

Well, it was the most emotional, gut wrenching fight between childhood friends who suffer so much living in the slums and growing up. Each of them pick a path (violence and peace) to solve a problem and to save the country from political and economic turmoil because the country's poor is on the verge of being sold into slavery.

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Yes I agree!

Elfman vs Bacchus was super awesome and there for I vote for that one to number one!

Stein vs Justin was also badass!

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