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Was ruined by that guy who killed 7 people and himself while trying to hit the bus our royal family was in. D@mn that`s the one thing that ruined my day i was having so much fun till i heard about it:(. So yeah that sucked but i gotta move on.

only €4.00
only €4.00

What i Bought:

I didn't buy much only the market was waaaaay smaller this year i didnt see much stuff i wanted and all the good merchendize was already taken when i arrived at one guy who sells awesome collectors items but i still got a good deal from him.
  • A used Operation Overdrive Morpher / Go Go Phone the package is all broken up the screen is scratched and there is a small piece of plastic missing. It isn't as great as the real Go Go Phone i already had in my possession but it was so cheap and it still works so i couldn't resist myself from buying it.:)
  • 6 DVD`s (see photo) my favorite buy here is ''the Legend of the Evil Lake'' by Lee Kwang-Hoon its one of my most favorite K-Horror movies next to ''The Red Shoes'', ''Three'' and ''Cinderella''
  • Misc Power Ranger figures: TimeGreen, TimeYellow, WildForceRed and a NinjaStorm Green (hell the guy just thruw them in my bag he was so glad to be rid of them)
  • and a couple of finger sized Super Sentai mech from an unknown 3rd party company from left to right DynaRobo, a miss-colored BioRobo, a Miss-colored TurboRobo, a badly colored LiveRobo and a Turbo Robo with the right colours these are just cool i didnt bought them because it was the last thing he had XD

Also a couple of comics those where only €0.50,- pp CHEAP!!!
  • Civil War misc. (havent really looked what i bought yet but i got 10 civil war books now)
  • Earth X collection book (hardcover)
  • Batman: Year One
  • Joker the Killing Joke (hardcover)
  • Superman: time and time again.
  • The Spirit (hardcover)
  • Marvels #1
  • Hellsing #7
That`s it i wasnt really in a buying mood anymore i`m still sad :(
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Looks like you got some good deals. Buy hey don't get bummed out over crazy people.
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You bought Highlander on dvd. Sweet.
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@Lunarmoth: Yeah i`m still up about that i actually know people who where there at the time and i mean right there like only a few meters away. Guess no one here will ever really get past it but i`ll try :)

@Galamoth: I don`t even know why i did that i already have the Highlander Trilogy collector`s edition on tape o well your right its an awesome buy. ^_^
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Ohhhhh Gangs of New york great choice
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Thats is a Awesome Haul there Dev^^
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Thanx you guys :) ps: just noticed that Joker: the Killing Joke is missing a few pages damn:(
Post by Sonata (36,364 posts) See mini bio Level 20
Dang that sucks Dev
Post by Devilly (5,329 posts) See mini bio Level 11
Yeah i actually that thought i would find some scans on the net guess not XD
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