MY 1000th post!

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well i just realized i went over the 1000th posts and i just wanted to tell you guys just how much fun i have had here, to the top users a 1000 posts may not seem like much, but to me it means a lot and i just recall hundreds of arguments and fun stuff i have had had here.

thanks to this site i:

-started reading one piece!

-discovered toriko!

-learned from tons of other animes such as yu yu hakusho, claymore, evangelion, jojo's bizarre adventure, tenchi muyo, fate stay night,shaman king, death note and millions more!

-here i even created my own character

-i also realized how stubborn we are when we defend the series we like

-this too

or this

or this

-but the most important thing is that i met a lot of people with different ideas and cool things to share! thank you guys i now there's some of you left but these are the ones that come to my mind right now:


i have been through laughs,anger,facepalms and many many things its been quite a long time since i entered but i have to say that this site is the best anime related thing that has happened to me since dragon ball Z and that is HUGE. im making this just for the record and almost like a personal dairy but oh well its fun like always!

an now some random video!

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Congratulations on your 1000 post

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@othus12: Bro I remember that callmebrent image back then and I remember laughing so hard after you owned him in that debate. Congratulation on your 1000 posts buddy!

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@othus12: LOL congratz on the 100th post I remember when I got mine over 4 years ago:)
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Congrats dude!

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@othus12: Congrats on your 1000+ posts! I too was like "OMG!!" when I hit 1000.

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I know I'm late to the game but congrats and thanks for being one of the best members on the vice.
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