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Topic started by Lan on May 12, 2009. Last post by Lunarmoth 5 years, 9 months ago.
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I spent an obscene amount of money today. My CD1 account matured, so I transferred it into my checking account. I went to Macallister's for lunch with Baku which was delicious. Bought a new Mac laptop with IWorks --got a 50 dollar student discount though. Then got a manicure and pedicure with flowers painted on each of my big toes. I only meant to get a manicure, but the lady doing my nails was under the impression I was getting both. She prepped the footspa, and ushered me towards it and I just couldn't resist. I was so glad I got it done though! The feel of the hot water, massage chair, and then my nails being done was so amazing. It was just wonderful to sit there and gossip and joke with the girl next to me and both our nail technicians. Like five minutes into the pedicure, I felt so relaxed and happy; I couldn't stop smiling. The woman did an awesome job, and I gave her a big tip. One of the things I love about this nail salon and the people working in it, is the fact that you feel gorgeous and great about yourself when you're in and when you leave.

Now, I'm playing on my new laptop after spending at least two hours transferring files via thumbdrive from my old computer to my new one. I'm glad Apple will recycle my old computer and printer. To complete the cycle all their computers are made from recycled materials. Still getting used to things. I'm not very good with change. I almost changed my mind before I even got to the Apple store. I was like, "It's such a big lifestyle change. I have to get used to a whole new system!" But all the benefits really outweighed my doubts. The people at the store were really nice and helpful, especially for not being paid on commission. Baku's a little jealous. He loves the smart mouse and hates Vista, as do I. Vista is what really pushed me into considering and deciding on a Mac.

I'm upset about misplacing my phone. Worse part about it is that it's on silent. Not that it matters now because it's probably dead. It's been missing since Friday when I got off work. Somewhere between work, car, and home it got lost or misplaced. I could've sworn it was in my pocket for the longest time and that I took it out in the car. We scoured my car, Baku's car, the apartment and I asked at work. No phone. Worse comes to worse, I have an extra phone, so all I need is a new sim card. Still that's expensive. It might be cheaper if Baku just added a line to his plan because sometimes you can get a free or cheaper phone that way.

Jumping topics, Cake Mania 3 is out, and once again I'm hooked. Some people forget the world for WOW; I forget the world for Cake Mania. This version has voice acting, mini games, changing clothes, and different time periods. It's pretty awesome.

Going to a wedding this weekend and taking Baku along. I need to buy a gift, get a hair cut, find someone to check on Lily (my cat) for a night, and find shoes to wear with my dress. I may just stick with white shoes, if I can't find any brown dress shoes to fit--which seems to be my lot. It's going to be weird going to Paducah but not staying in my old house. Baku and I are going to stay with my best friend and her boyfriend in their apartment in Murray. Leave early Saturday morning, get to Murray, rest, change, go to wedding, drive back to Murray, go to bed, get up early, eat, drive back to Louisville Sunday. Busy weekend involving lots of driving.
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Wow full day. Never got my nails done, like most guys, but I did get a facial once and I now know way you girls get them now. I'm glad you got you mac but I am still a pc person I thought of getting a mac laptop but something happen to that specific laptop that I couldn't not get it. But I'm almost to the point now of going to try to learn linux. I don't know if Mac so much recycle your pc then collect the scrap price or prevent people getting their has on old but useful hardware even if old. I lost my cell once years ago, so ass jacked it out of my car, I home no one stole your phone. Cake Mania 3?, Well to each their own.
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