Might Have to End Ani-Crap After This Month

Topic started by Dream on April 1, 2014. Last post by taichokage 12 months ago.
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This isn't definite as of yet. But just wanted to pass this along in case and I hate doing this, despite how much I enjoy doing Ani-Crap for your personal enjoyment.

I got word from my wireless provider via e-mail today that effective next month, they will be jacking up the price of my monthly service quite a bit on all my devices. For my Internet use, I have a 3G wireless aircard to provide for my laptop which I've had for three years now and a 4G hotspot that covers my entire house for coverage. If I keep both devices active for next month, my monthly bill would jack up by $50 and anyone that knows how "wonderful" providers charge for wireless data in this country will know that it's high prices for low data caps compared to DSL and cable having either no caps or at least being more generous with them. And before anyone asks, I live several miles out from my village where I can't get any DSL or cable service. Seeing as I can't cut my family out of having Internet, I'm gonna have to cut coverage to my 3G aircard next month.

Since I would no longer have a backup I could rely on for data in case I am getting close to my data cap for the hotspot, I'm gonna have to cut back on some of the stuff I usually go through online and that would include having the means to watch any of the stuff I watch for Ani-Crap from online. I am presently trying to figure out another means of getting Internet where I live. But in the worst case scenario where I can't, then the April 25 edition of Ani-Crap would be the final review I would be able to do.

I'll keep you guys updated on how things go from my end on my Internet issues and I do apologize if I have to wind up ditching future reviews because of this inconvenience from my end.

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@Dream: Well that really sucks dude :/. These reviews have been great to read in my spare time between Battles and RPG stuff. And just before you would (potentially) be doing Recently, My Sister is Unusual as well, the abomination that it is.

Hopefully you somehow find a way around this, but if not, your reviews shall be missed :/.

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@Dream: It was fun having you review that junk as well as reading the ones you ran into on purpose (good or not). If things turn out wrong, I'll miss your reviews, Dream. Hope you find a way out of this.

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@Dream: Thats shifty. Internet companies are the biggest freaking price gougers there are except for maybe oil companies. Its even worse in Canada. (I assume u live in the states)

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@hitsusatsu11: Yes, I live in America. The provider I'm on sells coverage off Verizon towers and were actually fairly generous with their offerings for prices and data compared to the actual provider when I first subscribed to them three years ago. But lately, they haven't doing too well with the generous part as they lost support for Sprint coverage and are now under Verizon's mercy if they want to stay in business.

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I know the feeling that money is a pinch. Those companies try to force folks to buy bundle, TV, Phone, and internet to save more. My dorm mates don't really watch TV. Everything's on the internet. I pay about $55 per month when I used to live away from family and outside of school. Dorm living cost too much.


It was a blast reading your reviews. Maybe someone can continue the tradition.

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Yeah. Have to repeatedly shut down my Internet service. In the absence of a Computer though it's not so bad I suppose. But darn. I might never get that Baoh review. :(
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