Mario Marathon 4 - June 24th - Child's Play Charity Event

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Today marks the beginning of the 4th annual Mario Marathon.  What is Mario Marathon?  Here is a snippet from their home page

About Mario Marathon

Mario Marathon is an annual fan run fundraiser for Child's Play Charity. Child's Play provides toys, games and books to patients of children's hospitals worldwide.

The multi day internet event, broadcast live online, attracts an audience from around the world to watch as the team plays through twenty five years of Super Mario Brothers video games.

Now in its fourth year, the event has attracted nearly 500,000 viewers, and raised over $125,000 for Child's Play.

For more information checkout our Frequently Asked Questions

Last year they raised $82,382.70 and this year they want more.  New to this year's marathon is Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels (aka Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan) which is arguably the hardest Mario game ever made.  They are also going to be playing the other main Mario games as well in their all weekend marathon session.
Here is a little FAQ that will help the new viewers this year.

Where can you watch the stream?

You can watch it on their own website HERE or you can watch it on their UStream page HERE.

Where can I donate?

You can donate pay going to their donation page HERE.

What can I do if I can't/don't want to donate?

Tell your friends and family about it.  Also spread the word on Facebook or Twitter to get more people to watch.

When and what games do they play?

Well, here is the rough schedule.  Also, it depends on their donation count.  The more people donate, the more they play.  This is straight from their homepage.

Mario Marathon 4 Line-Up

There are over 1,000 levels across the ten Mario games chosen for the Mario Marathon 4. Your donations determine which of those levels the team will complete.

The order the games will be played is listed below. For details on the exact levels and donation goals check the Level Checklist.

Levels Donation $$
Mario Galaxy 2 Beat w/ 75 Stars
1 - 75 $55.46
New Super Mario Bros Wii Worlds 1,2,5,8
76 - 114 $105.46
Mario Galaxy Beat w/ 60 Stars
115 - 175 $235.24
Mario Sunshine Beat w/ 50 Shines
176 - 226 $423.81
Mario 64 Beat w/ 76 Stars
227 - 303 $969.40
Super Mario World 100% Run Through
304 - 400 $2,626.21
Super Mario Bros. 3 100% Run Through
401 - 490 $6,503.05
Super Mario Bros. 2 100% Run Through
491 - 510 $7,945.96
Super Mario Bros 100% Run Through
511 - 542 $10,943.97
Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels 100% Worlds 1 - 8
543 - 574 $15,066.06
Mario 64 100% 120 Star Run
575 - 617 $23,137.70
Mario Galaxy 100% Completion
618 - 676 $41,657.93
New Super Mario Bros Wii 100% Worlds 3,4,6,7,9
677 - 726 $68,544.20
Mario Galaxy 2 or Super Mario Sunshine All Blue Coins or Green Stars
727 - 786 $124,564.85


Other Links for Mario Marathon

Facebook Page - LINK
Twitter Page - LINK
Kick back, relax, and enjoy the marathon.  Remember, it's for the children!
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