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Don't read if you're not interested in these:
Manhwa: Korean Manhua: Chinese

I've been reading a lot of manhwa for a while now and I've only one thing to say: WoW!

Seriously, if you're an avid reader of manga then you'd know how stereotypical it is. All the overused plot and character archetypes and the entire basic setup in general. Sometimes you (or maybe just me) go "oh great, not another (so&so)" The action has gotten repetitive and the characters aren't interesting, or likable. I don't know if it's the meddling of the editors or the huge market of comic/manga in Japan making originality a rarity but it's rare and that's the point

So for a fresher, I started to look for something else. I came across something called Manhwa, at first I didn't even know what I was reading except I thought the reading order was weird, western for a manga which is read right to left. Anyway I got hooked, it was different, even the art style.

One of the first manhwa I came across was: VERITAS. To anyone who read that piece you know it's the (****). The main was completely different from the typical shounen lead, very realistic. He's since become one of my favorite main characters. Another was ID, The Greatest Fantasy Fusion. That one was so plain, so typical, so out of the book that I nearly threw it away without a second thought. An adventure about a mage, a warrior, a dwarf, an elf, a priestess, right out of children story book. Boy was I wrong, the way the story was setup was nothing but ingenius, I don't even know how to explain it. Trust me, read it and you won't regret it. Of course there's also The Breaker and it's sequel New Wave. I'm only going to mention these as they should be most accessible but there are many more

Next I found Manhua. The one's I speaking of are Hong Kong Comics. Kinda like Marver or DC they're in complete color about martial arts mostly dealing with chi and stuff commonly found in wuxia. Although I found very few in english, most of which unfinished just a couple of chapters, I was completely hooked again. The art and color pages made a lot of difference making it much easier to comprehend the happenings throughout the pages so I wasn't just staring blindly at it, kinda like reading manga raw but with every page in comic style.

What do I want to say? Well, to those out there who want some fresher like I did but don't know where to go about it, you can just give these a try. And to also point out that manga is starting to get some serious competitors, of course not now but someday.

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While they're good, hardcore fans still stay away from them from what I've seen.

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@MohsinMan99: That's why it's for people who wants a fresher.........

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I've seen some good (Korean) Manhwa so far ("Dragon Hunters" being my first one), but I have yet to see any (Chinese) Manhua at this point.

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There's also Dark Mage and the Webtoons like Noblesse, both are accessible.

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