list of hax characther

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okay i'm trying to get all characther that have a plot device always available, or made simply that they can't lose
1. kira yamato(gundam seed): can't get killed, his enemy just stand staring at him, while he beam spam
2. setsuna f seiei(gundam 00): teleportation ability and somehow get newtype power due to radiation
3.kurou daijuji(demonbane): he is GOD in his series at least
4.tenchi: again he is GOD
5.dark scheneider(bastard): judas pain and dispell bound
6. shirou emiya(fate): if only he is smart enough
7. crimson moon(tsukihime): can't be completely destroyed, always exist
that's all i can think of right now, if anyone can add it that will be go
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