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Got to watch the OVA of Tsubasa finally; I'd been going through withdrawal for a while. Can't believe it's only three episodes, but more happened and was explained in those three than in like 5 or 6 episodes of the original season. I'm so ridiculously emotionally invested in this show; I get really excited and cheer loudly for the characters one minute and the next, I'm practically weeping. I love how it took one episode to pretty much explain everything. Review is in the works. Movie is done downloading. Excited for what I believe is a second OVA to be released in March.....I think. Asking for the Tsubasa artbook for a 3 year anniversary present from Baku...if we can find it...not sure if it's out of stock or out of print.

Moving on from my addiction:

Graphic novel, film, and narrative structure panel was cancelled. I ended up going to a panel on "ghostly bodies" --relating to women's bodies, ghosts, women's writing and postmodern fiction. Then I went to another panel--also relating to postmodern feminism--on Women, Mojo, and the Hegemony of Power; the films My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Kill Bill 2 were discussed in the papers. Magical realism, space, and phallic symbols a.k.a. swords were the big topics. Both were really great and fun panels, despite being early in the morning. I'm not a super huge fan of postmodernism, but it looks like this is where feminist literary theory is going.

In other news, while I have come down with a sort of "sickness"--sinus, allergy, bronchial related--I am in no way, shape, or form "down" with it. LOLZ.

I have a gigantic bruise on my right knee which I obtained by tripping over my cat in the kitchen which also resulted in me spilling orange juice all over the floor. My cat was perfectly unharmed and had the nerve to express her distaste of the floor being sticky afterward.

Not much else to say tonight. It has been a very unexciting weekend and Monday.

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lol @ orange juice and cat. :D
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Make the cat clean the floor.
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Clean the floor with the cat.
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