Kool-Aid, Cosplay, and Other Cool Thoughts

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So Baku and I went to the supermarket, spent a little under 100 dollars and came out with what seemed like a ton of groceries. There's pretty much no food anywhere except tons of Ramen (which we've had for a long time). All we can remember buying is Kool-Aid mix, tea bags, and sugar to mix with them. That was the important stuff apparently. So now I'm drinking this blue raspberry flavored Kool-Aid and it's delicious. Normally I don't venture beyond grape, cherry, or strawberry kiwi.

Moving on, just recently discovered we have a JoAnn Fabrics here. It's in this magical, hidden shopping center past the mall and right across from an equally magical and mysteriously laid out Borders with secret dungeon where all the manga, sci-fi/fantasy, and young adult books are kept. There's also a Japanese grill and sushi restuarant in the same shopping center. JoAnn was like cosplay heaven. I thought I saw every fabric imaginable in every color and print I could possibly want. I spent a fair amount of time playing in the shiny fabric section; it's like the forbidden fruit of cosplay. It's been very much ingrained in my mind that shiny satin and those cheap pretty polyester prints and sparkly, gauzy fabrics are evil and should be shunned. But it's so attractive and you can't help but run your fingers across the fabric and give it a swish and maybe wrap yourself in it for a minute....

Since we didn't go to Colossal Con and instead are planning for Sugoi Con, I decided to change my cosplay plans since I have more time and new interests. It's funny because Sugoi Con takes place Halloween weekend; everyone will be walking around in cosplay but not getting any of the usual funny looks from non-con goers. Anyways, I have two outfits planned, Sakura from Tsubasa, Infinity World--which is probably my favorite world. And the second...I'm keeping secret until I get the accessory I just ordered that will make it really obvious. I'll post pictures when I get it. Found wigs for both and saving for them.

Looked at sewing machines and found a reasonably priced one with all the basic functions. Looked through dress patterns and realized the pattern I used for my devout dress could be used again for my Sakura dress. Breaking it down, I just have to make the dress flare and add sleeves. The pack had multiple patterns that included sleeves and a flared skirt which I didn't use yet. I've got to find a pattern online for a collar and the little cap thingy (I think there's one for this in G&L Bible). I realized both my outfits are almost completely black.--might as well buy an entire bolt of black fabric.

Other "cool" thoughts...

Romeo x Juliet vol. 1 of the anime series comes out June 23. Yay! I've almost finished my second book for the summer (I've been really lazy and not reading much). There's chocolate meringue pie to eat in the fridge! This show on TLC called Cake Boss is nuts; I want to slap just about everybody on that show. My kitty is sleeping and being good. And now Charade starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant is getting ready to come on! Plants vs. Zombies is awesome game and also crack. Apparently staying at home and doing nothing is the cool thing to do now. Occasionally, I get bored and a little stir crazy and demand Baku take me somewhere or I leave him behind sleeping while I go somewhere girly or nerdy like the mall, the nail salon, or Fraser Arms Museum, or the library...
Lily, my cat, a little disgruntled that I woke her up and took a photo.
Lily, my cat, a little disgruntled that I woke her up and took a photo.

So I guess it's question time:

What's your favorite Kool-Aid flavor? Have you ever gone shopping, spent a whole lot of money and then a few days later when you can't find anything you want or need, wonder what the hell you bought? Favorite world in Tsubasa Chronicles? Do you get easily seduced and entrapped by shiny fabrics? Do watch old movies, and if so what kind? When you're tired of staying home, where do you like to go?

Oh and also, looking to compile a list of animes/mangas based on "classic literature"--not necessarily European. So far I know: RXJ, Tales of the Genji, and Count of Monte Cristo...I also want to venture to say...I think I've seen clips of an anime Little Women... Any others you guys know of?

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Umm...would Pandora Hearts count? Somewhat? I mean it's based on Alice in Wonderland kinda...
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To answer the questions section...

Don't really watch it
Depends who they are on
Goth clubs
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Fruit Punch.
God yes.
None. Meh.
Less fabrics, more yarns, but yes.
The classics-- Maltese Falcon, North by Northwest, Gone with the Wind, etc.
Bowling, movies, the park.
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