Knights of Templar vs Japanese Samurai

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im new here so i dont know were to puts this, as Off-topic or Battles because this has nothing to do wit anime

The Badass and Elite Knights vs Legendary Skilled Samurai (if you dont know who the Knights Templar are here here the wiki -

1st scenario- 1 v 1

2nt scenario- 10,000 Knights vs 10,000 Samurai

who will win?


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Off topic

Don't compare the untested warrior against the real warrior. everything is possible in anime.

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Knight ftw

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@KingsHeart: What period of samurai?

historically I would probably pick the samurai, professional soldiers instead of a organization mostly constructed of former mercenaries and criminals convicted by the church, they vary in levels of training and equipment much more then their national knight counterparts or even their fellow Teutonic Crusader brethren . one to one its got far too many variables to declare a winner, but on a army vs army setting I would give my vote to the samurai, assuming the warring states period. If its during the restoration then while their aren't many samurai they do have guns so instant win, don't believe me then ask the Aztecs about how they feel about muskets. However if the samurai are from say the Tokugawa period, then they lose seeing as all of them have never fought a battle.

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