is it me or anime is losing popularity?

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hi guys , it's me again . I have been wondering if anime is losing popularity . you know i remember back in the days when we had toonami and some decent tv series like yuyuhakusho,shaman king ,rurouni kenshin ,street fighter ,etc. then Animax with some good animes like hunter x hunter , scryed , full metal alchemist ,etc .(i don't remember the others) now when i watch the tv , those animes have gone. they are not on tv anymore , well that happened here in southamerica , i understand that in USA Animax was different , i don't know if this is the same story over there .Also , i remember at that time that many otakus and anime fans liked to buy DVDS and anime stuff at popular anime stores ,and they were so crowded. now there are few people who go to those places. of course i'm talking about just here in Peru , i don't know how it's the situation in your respective countries. another thing i have noticed is that many teenagers here in my country don't talk about anime like before . i remember in the 90s my friends and i used to talk about many animes , we were so engaged .even young people and adults liked it and the tv was full of it . Anime was everywhere at anytime . but now i don't see that anymore .

what do you think guys? have you noticed something similar?

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Yes, Anime is losing popularity. Some of the reason is that it don't get shown on TV anymore (only late nights).

But what do I know, Sakura Con (an anime convention) have 20,000+ Attendance

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The internet has a lot to do with it as well.
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The internet has allowed for the acquisition of anime through mediums other than network television to become far easier, and the decrease of anime on TV has more to do with the rise of torrents and streams more so than a decrease in popularity.  The same can be said of anime products as it is now far easier to purchase such things online than at a brick and mortar store.  It is worth noting also that while Cartoon Network and Adult Swim by extension is still going strong, the place where a lot of anime was aired: Saturday morning and weekday afternoon cartoon blocks on network TV, no longer exist either.  There isn't just a decrease of anime on network TV, but cartoons in general.
That said, anime internally has seen a decrease within the last few years.  One simply has to take a look at the number of shows being produced over the course of the last one or two years worth of seasons with the late 2000s to notice a big numerical difference.
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TV in general has become less popular. People prefer watching shows online where you can pause or watch on portable devices. There are a lot of popular online streaming websites that allow people to watch series fresh out of Japan.
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In the West, there was a boom in the 90's which carried over through part of the 2000's, but those days are over. Anime is quickly receding back into niche territory like table-top RPGs, boardgames and to a lesser extent, comic books. It's somewhat ironic since having access to anime has never been easier. Of course, when anime was at its most popular, the shows which captured our attention were English dubs thanks to cable and syndication broadcasts. Any novice these days would likely encounter English subs since they release those first. To a young viewer that can be a turn off. I personally prefer subs, but your average viewer doesn't like to read their television programming or movies. Additionally, there has been an online backlash against anime and the culture that surrounds it. For some would-be fans, it simply isn't cool to watch anime (that weeaboo shit). I think like anything, these attitudes are cyclical. Someday it may be even more popular than it was at it's height...or not. I believe it's really hard to gauge the popularity of the medium based off merchandise sales in this economy. Anime and related purchases are always going to be superfluous, and consumers are wary these days.

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Blame the internet... I too remember when Anime was everywhere... specially DBZ
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@PenguinDust: I agree with all of this and I would like to add that alot of people hate anime because they think that the entire industry is entirely hentai, more specifically pedo-hentai. Not only that, alot of people see the repeated character designs in anime and think that all characters look and act the same way.

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The anime boom of the early and mid 2000s has been gone for quite a while and the hobby we all know and love is back to having a niche appeal now. I would have thought this wouldn't have been so surprising to any seasoned fan by this point.

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I don't think that there are fewer US citizens watching and enjoying anime than there ever was before. Convention attendance and the continued success of anime related goods go against it waning in popularity.

Fewer anime being on TV is more of a result of TV broadcasts coming out years after a series has been available online legally or illegally. TV lives and dies by ratings and it's to keep a consistent audience tuned in for a broadcast of a series that can be watched in it's entirety over the internet. Take Bleach on Adult Swim. If you were following Bleach and decided to goto Google and type in "Bleach" the first few relevant results will make you very aware that you are like 200 episodes behind where the series actually is and will give you links to watch or download the entire thing right then. Anime on TV is a situation where the more people enjoy a show, the fewer and fewer of them are going to bother watching it on TV.

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I feel it has less to do with people losing interest (or it becoming a niche) and more that it has to do with the slump manga and anime seem to have entered. Most if not all of my favorites have either ended or are on “hiatus”. And anything that has come out in the past couple years also either ends quickly or ends up losing the appeal it starts out with. Most manga that I still pay attention to seem to be ones that haven’t ended, but I’ve lost interest in them and still follow them only because I feel like I have invested too much time in them to drop them.

When is the last time you saw a brand new series that could stick around for a long time with a large fanbase? Back when Bleach’s anime version ended there were a couple threads about what could be the next part of “the big three” and most people listed series that were well over five years old.

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It might not show on TV as much, however it definitely lives on through the internet. Don't think it has lost its popularity though.

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Uh... They really need to make a channel dedicated to showing anime all the time... Different channels for different genres of anime and such! I remember being a kid and anime was always premiering on Cartoon Network on saturdays! Especially Naruto, jeez... If it weren't for Cartoon Network I would've probably be watching anime. The only thing that sucks today is that Cartoon Network gives anime to late at night.... And that cartoons aren't as dark as they were back in the past where someone would die and the audience would laugh xD
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