is dbz the most powerful anime. if not. then what is

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@KingOfAsh: Brooooooolypotence!

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@Sonata: Nope! Mai-Potence is the most absolute powerful.

Agiri-potence is second.

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No, I dunno how people can think this... Goku is very power, not the strongest, DBZ lacks hax aside from Buu and Debura and more often than not that is their downfall, the are primarily power-houses, never does being clever (Aside from cutting off a saiyan's tail...) ever come into play when they fight, it is literally about who can make the biggest mushroom cloud.

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Many anime characters solo the dbz cast, it's powerful I won't disagree, but many anime/characters can solo it in whole, as I'm about to mention..

Z from tenchi Muyu, massively FTL (1000+ times) can generate five light hawk wings, class ZJ+ striking strenght, star level+, matter manipulation can turn himself into optical light, via powerscaling can create/uncreate black holes, crush targets into singularities or complete nothingness, many more to name

Dark schneidar from bastard: galaxy level+ DC, massively FTL (above 7000 times post time skip) can't be killed unless his spirit, soul, atoms are destroyed at the same time, and his eternal atoms which lye in three different dimensions, is hax can cast absolute zero spells, creat beings from memories, open dimensions, many other shiz

Haruhi: nothing much to say here then she's universal level, which Is more then enough to rape goku

Eucliwood from desuka: broken reality warping feats, killed immortals by saying the word die, she's powerful and her words alone are the strings of fate, all she does is say, "die goku" and he dies..

Lord of nightmares from slayers: she's nigh omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, goku gets one shotted

Kami tenchi from tenchi Muyu: omnipotent, mulitversal reality warper, omnipresence, omniscience, he slaughters with only a blink..

Elder god demonbane: metaversal level destructive power, can use lumuria infinite x infinite which each attacks is literally comparable to the Big Bang..massively FTL and more.

Anti spiral: dude was throwing away galaxies like frisbees, yup that alone describes him, potentially universal, massively FTL

Haruka kaminogi: control reality on a quantum level, is the u,timate observer, she warps all the dbz cast out of existance, as over all she decides what exists..

Neoin: dude absorbed multiple universes, mulitversal reality warper (non corporeal/abstract being)

Nono: she kicked a black hole away, and busted a variable gravity wall which stood a black hole just fine, was larger then earth lol stopped the earth moving at relatavistic speeds lol, and FTL ..

I can name more but yeah, goku has his hands full..:lbj

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Some Omnipotent characters would rather die ....if they had to fight this guy XD


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This is an old thread. A few weeks ago, some folks posted threads about Dragon Ball Z:

What I'm saying here is that there are too many topics on Dragon Ball Z that conflicts with each other's scope because some are broad while others focus on something specific.

I'll lock this thread. Let me know if I made a mistake. Thank you.

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