Interview with Trent Reznor

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Here a very interesting interview with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails (NIN). If you don't know, NIN are one of the rare band that give there music for free. If you what to listing to them then just go to there website and get it. There not just simple mp3 were talking about but uncompress FLAC file and even digital master. Even the bitorrents are upload by the band themself. Trent Rezner talk about the pirating of music, how the Internet has change the way we distribute music. It really Interesting and you sense that his get it. Don't fight the Internet, work with it. The interview focus in the music industrie but somehow it impact anime. Heck, that how we get the info about anime or even watch the new show that are made across a massive ocean. The interview is done by Kevin Rose, the fonder of


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<3 NIN^^
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Oh man I haven't watched the video podcast of Digg in forever...

Well anyway, Trent seemed a bit nervous for the first few moments but overall, I liked the interview.
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Whoa, that was a great interview! Thanks for sharing!

I haven't seen Trent in a while, he looks a lot different, I was quite shocked. He's starting to show his age, and it looks like he's put on a little weight. He's still awesome though.
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