Internet Explorer is not currently safe to use

Topic started by Lemegeton300 on Dec. 16, 2008. Last post by HeeroYuy 6 years, 1 month ago.
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Rain_Man said:
"I use IE everyday."
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@Deathflame: are you sure they're not regular pop up windows that try and pretend like they're an IE window? it is possible though through the regular explorer.exe that it could be causing something, but in that case it's most likely something wrong with your system, not your web browser.

@NDR: I don't suppose you do a lot a gaming on PC I take it... (still, ubuntu and redhat are really cool to tinker with and very useful for doing dev stuff imo)

I can understand where everyone gets the bandwagon opinion of "IE zomfg it suxorz to the extreme!!", but in all honesty, it really isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

Before anyone goes and labels me an IE nut, I just want to say I'm an Opera/Firefox/Lolifox user (I switch depending on what I want to do or the computer I'm on). IE has it's uses in business environments, and contrary to the popular belief, IE can be REMARKABLY more secure assuming your network and each client machine running IE is set up properly. That, and it has a tendency to not eff with your antivirus programs on restricted access networks if you work in a very locked down environment (in my case I work at a hospital). IE7 was a HUGE step up from 6, both in terms of security and user-interface, and in all actuality it's a pretty hardy browser.

That said, I never use it willingly, purely because I think the newer IE7 is just a firefox ripoff, and it's not even as user-friendly as firefox anyway, so there's no real point. Plus I love the "awesome-bar" in firefox. Google Chrome though, yeah, it's pretty awesome in the technical aspects, but it still is in DESPERATE need of an debugging before I'd recommend it as a regular browser. A lot of the stuff they're doing/trying to do with it is really cool and definitely thinking ahead, but at the same time, most of it seems to be only partially functional, and can be a little tricky to use. With time though I'm sure it'll be great.
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