I was considering getting a PS3...

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I was thinking of getting a PS3 in the near future, however there are some questions I needed answering before I do: 1: I'm aware that I can play some import PS3 games, but can I also play imported PS2&1 games on it? 2: Can I save PS2&1 data to the PS3 Hard Drive? 3: Which is better, the $300 320GB "Slim" Bundle, or a $270-280 250GB "Super Slim" Bundle? 4: About what would you say the odds are that the PS4 will be announced within the next two E3s and have one or more of the following: poor backwards compatibility, reigon protection, online play fee, $700+ price tag?

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  1. Only if it has playback capability, then yes you could play ps2 and ps1(ps1 am not sure) in it. But now a days they don't.
  2. depends if you got the playback capability, tho am not sure how the saving part would work since I don't have that version, I got the current PS3.
  3. I have a 320 GB since it's bigger on the memory ans it comes with other stuff as well so am pretty sure that's better.
  4. I'm not sure about the PS4, sorry. But I hope you don't have to pay a fee to play online.
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The first 2 questions require you to have one of the "fat" models. The one with the best playback of PS2 and PS1 games is the 60GB version which is the one I own, it creates its own PS2 and PS1 "memory card" on the HDD to store those save files.

But unless you are going to buy a used one from ebay (or Amazon), it makes those questions unimportant as the only model(s) still in production has no playback for PS2 and PS1 games.

As for the third question, I cant tell you the difference between the slim versions but I can tell you that 20 dollars more for an extra 70GB is a good enough deal. Unless you are getting added extras with the "Super Slim" bundle then I would just go with the "Slim" bundle.

As for the PS4, there will likely be an offical announcement later on this year as Microsoft is ment to be announcing their new xbox before or around E3. What I can say about the PS4 is that while the online could be free, they are investing into technology that they "MAY" implement into the PS4 which makes playback of "used" (This also covers rentals and lending a game to a friend) games impossible. So no more sharing games between friends and no more buying cheap used games from stores. A move I think is utterly stupid as that will destroy their market entirely.

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Get an Xbox 360.


Because I said so.

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PS3 was not my cup of tea. While I feel it is a superior product, the backing the 360 has just by virtue of LIVE makes a substantial difference in online quality, in my opinion. Just giving my 2 cents as why not to get one and I'm a genius so I'm pretty sure I know how to measure pros and cons. Previous posts answered your questions as adequately as anyone could, though. I'm going this way -> EXIT THREAD DOOR

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