I Knew This Was Going To Happen

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Goodbye, Cartoon Network.
Goodbye, Cartoon Network.
So Cartoon Network announced a couple of live action shows that are going to be airing on Cartoon Network during non Adult Swim hours.  Those live action shows were going to be airing on a certain day and time only. But now those shows are invaded the hours where the animated stuff was suppose to be airing. I look at the TV schedule  for today and I'll I'm seeing is the lame live action shows filling in the time slots.

The live action shows are not even that interesting to begin with, you got one show calling Survive This - it's like the CBS show Survivor, but for kids.  Another show call Slamball - it's basketball with trampolines, actually, the show originally aired on Spike TV years ago but then was cancel. Another show (I forgot the name) is about where a bunch of kids go into a haunted house in search for ghost, (Sound familiar?). Yeah, a show with that concept has already been done before, multiple times. Not only those shows are not interesting, but there completely unoriginal.

You brought nothing but good memories.
You brought nothing but good memories.
G4 went through a similar effect years ago, when G4 starting airing shows that had nothing to do with what it use to represent, then all of a sudden, you're seeing a bunch of shows that has nothing to do with video games or tech. G4 is kind of unrecognizable from what it was back in it's glory days.

Just give more time, soon Cartoon Network will focus on airing a lot more live action contain. And like G4, it will be unrecognizable from what it was.
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v.v I guess im going back to Nick
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Thank God for Boomerang all is not totally lost.
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I used like the days when Cartoon Network would show Toonami and when they used to have Toonami midnight run.  I really love when they did that.   A those music videos were pretty sick.  

I even like the early days of adult swim before it got tooking over by really bad comedies.  I didn't mind them at first because they were really good comedies shows, but that not the case any more.  RIP Cartoon Network.

  This is Cartoon Network I want back.

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@Sonata said:
"Thank God for Boomerang all is not totally lost."

u watch boomerang lol
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