How do you want to see the World? Choose your OCULAR Abilities~

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How do you want to SEE through you're eyes:

Alpha Stigma: The ability to analyze various forms of magic and learn them.

Mystic Eyes: ~TYPE-MOON~ Varied e.g. Mystic Eyes of Death Perception: See the death of and Kill Anything!




Geass: Varied abilities

Six Paths of Reincarnation: Real illusions, use other's skills, power to summon and control deadly animals, increase combat abilities, increases battle aura, possess and control others

Death by Photograph: Whatever you photograph explodes, strength depends on camera type.

Kryptonian Eyes: x-ray, heat ray, microscopic, zoom etc...

Ultimate Eye: Wrath/King Bradley's eyes

The Cursed Eye: See the souls trapped inside Akuma, pinpoint Akuma location

Glaspar Eye: See into the future to a certain extent and stop time for 5 seconds.

Evil Eye: Traps a person into an illusion insantly for a minute.

Dojutsu: if someone expresses hostility toward you, you are able to will your enemies into killing themselves instead of you. ~Basilisk~

Mystic Eyes:: Neutralize the techniques and skills of any one that meets your gaze directly, halting whatever technique/skill their using at the moment ~Basilisk~

Ryuugan: See anywhere past, present, possible futures, as well as seeing and hearing the dead.

Millennium Eye: can read the minds of others as well as see through their eyes.

Glam Sight: See magic & its weaknesses, control flow of spell-waves, see memories of magic users, warns of danger and provides analysis.

Shinigami Eyes: can see both the names and lifespans of humans floating above their heads.

The ones i could think of... If you choose one with varied abilities like Geass, please specify the ability you want from the Ocular eye.

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Mystic Eyes of Death perception, with a little of luck it has the posibility to kill all the other eyes, and I'm refering to the ones that has Void Shiki, so practically I can rewrite the whole existence at my pleasure

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@Levance: But would it work against Oboro's Mystic Eye which neutralize any technique upon meeting her gaze.

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@sceonn:That is why I said with a little of luck

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as much as i like the kryptonian eye , i will choose the Glam Sight

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Ultimate Eye


With muh good eye.

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The Sharingan, as in the Mangekyo Sharingan


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Sharingan seems popular......

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Aside from the Sharingan, having the Rinnegan would be good


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A combi of Millennium Eye & Glam Sight would be pretty cool too: mind read and perfect calculations and analysis to support it.

Or maybe Glam Sight and Mystic Eyes of Death Perception

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Sven's Glaspar Eye from Black Cat seems the most useful to me for day to day stuff although it does take a heavy toll on the user, but it would still be my top choice. The Evil Eye from Getbackers is pretty cool too since it creates a perfect illusion for the victim thus enabling the bearer to escape or subdue the attacker. The Alpha Stigma from The Legend of the Legendary Heroes is similar to the Sharingan except its for magic spells. Learn how to toss a fireball or summon a demonic minion just by watching someone else do it once. I think that's pretty useful in a world where magic exists. The downside is that most Alpha Stigma bearers go crazy.

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How about a combination of Magenkyou Sharingan with Mystic eyes of death perception. First of all you catch them in an illusion, after that you easily kills them

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Ultimate eye... I can dodge bullets and kick a lot of asses with a sword
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@Levance: That'll take a huge toll on your mind and body though, those two are notorious for that!

@PenguinDust: Ryuugan can do pretty much the same thing, only on wider scale....

@TheRedRose: Buuuttt~ Are you in a good enough shape to do that?

PS: Wow....No one choose the other two from Naruto or even the Geass. I'll try Byakugan & Glam Sight Combi...! Observation and Analysis! Perfect for an easy everyday life, if you don't mind the weird look from others.

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Trying to revive.........

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I’m tempted between Kryptonian Eyes, Glaspar Eye, and Millennium Eye... but leaning more towards kryptonian... althought Glaspar eyes are awesome too... and so are Millennium >.< NO I'M STICKING WITH KRYPTONIAN!
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Online Now

I'm thinking Sharingan. Mainly because I want to have a Susanoo, Amateratsu, and Genjutsu.

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Kryptonian eyes cause they are at planet busting level.

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