how do you become popular on animevice?

Topic started by xlab3000 on Sept. 30, 2012. Last post by Fat_Magnum 2 years, 4 months ago.
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how do you get people to follow you, how to make good threads I'm new here and sorry for the horrible threaqds I made lately where are the rules for battle threads

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As for people following you, you have to be active and contribute to the discussions as well as being nice to everyone.

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Well first you have to be fair in battles and don't let your fandom get the better of you

Do some research on the characters who are fighting

Here a little lesson

First you go to the forum on the right side

Then you move your arrow to battle and then click on it

Then you click on Start New Topic

And that how you make a battle thread on the forum

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Not being  troll is a good way to earn respectXD
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Don't try to be popular. Be likeable :)

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Be visible on the site, whether it be making threads (although don't flood us with threads, unless they're all awesome threads... which is highly unlikely), commenting on other threads/articles/blogs, and making blogs.

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I'd say just be cool. So far everyone here who has replied to your topic is highly popular on this site so following their advice is a sound choice. Other than that just be active and not stubborn in your debates. If you are proven wrong admit it! That's almost more respectable than being right from the beginning.
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By being popular with the ladies my friend.

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Be nice and polite to users and especially to our awesome mods and staff, don't let your fanboy feelings run to you... I've had that when I was just a newbie here.. I was a DBZ fanboy lol, don't make spite threads, comment on other threads or blogs... but NO trolling because that is bad... and I think that's it..

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Grace that wiki with your most superlative of literary composition. Then wear suits and get a mohawk.
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