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I’m doing a project in school about “what you’re at war with”. I chose to be at war with myself and to creatively express this, I’m doing a short comic about Jekyll and Hyde. Now I was wondering if my premise was too dark for grade 11 English. (Keep in mind, this year we’ve read Macbeth, Lord of the Flies, All Quiet on The Western Front, and Catcher in the Rye).

Basically what happens is Jekyll is going insane (like he does in the book), and he becomes schizophrenic and starts ‘seeing’ Hyde. Hyde is basically telling him to do horrible things and Jekyll tries to fight his pull.

In the end, the pain is too much for Jekyll and Poole (his butler) finds him with a bloody knife and cuts on his wrist.

Basically I made a fan-fic comic.

Now is this too dark for my Grade 11 English class? I really don’t want to get in trouble or have to go to the school councillor or anything. I just think this is a fantastic way to express a war of man vs self.

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@Superevil225: Personally, I don't think its that dark; considering the books that you read. I've read Macbeth and Lord of the Flies and they do have their dark moments as well. In grade 12 we read Heart of Darkness, which is also very dark (as the name suggests). Heck, the cover of Lord of the Flies is dark enough eh? With the bloody pig head on the stake >.< (at least my version had that D:)

I think you're idea is really good Superevil! The only tip that I'd give to you is for the ending scene to be less straightforward, i.e. fabricate your words so that it still portrays the image of the bloody knife and the cuts on his wrist, but in a way that its not bam in your face..Hope you get what I mean XD Just like how the authors of the books we read conveyed very graphic moments in their novels in a way you'd have to read into to see it.

Hope my opinion helps you out :D Good luck on your paper, and I have faith in your writing! I've read samples of both your RPGs and your fan-fics / story shorts and I see that you have the talent to write very effectively.

Oh yea, and I'm from Ontario, so I guess our school curriculums are somewhat similar :P

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@UsachanMaN: Thanks! We should have at least similar school standards. XD

I think I'll just keep going with my ending and ask my friends what they think. After all they probably know my English teacher better than me. (I'm at a new school). :3 Thanks hommie-g.

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@Superevil225: You're welcome! :D

Cool! Yea I think that's the best way to tackle this sorta situation, afterall, you gotta meet the teacher's expectations XD

LOL XD No problemo!! :D

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