Hitting 1,000 on Anime Vice's List Feature

Topic started by takashichea on April 20, 2014. Last post by takashichea 9 months, 1 week ago.
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Has anyone added 1,000 items on their user lists in Anime Vice? I realized I hit 1,000 on my Machine Wiki Work list, a list of wiki requests I get from folks and newly created pages that I won't cover into depth and detail compared to Wiki Vitae and Team wiki lists. Part of me wonders if Anime Vice can hold more than 1,000 items because the site is glitching a lot.

I want to test it out, but I could risk losing all the dates I putted for people's requests and wiki page creation. Yeah, I'm a wiki addict in this community. It's my way of remembering things especially on wiki pages I helped folks on.

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@takashichea:The highest I had was on my concepts list, but that wasn't even close to what you did. Congrats!

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I'm pretty sure someone out there in Anime Vice made a list of 1,000 pages. An easy thing to do is listing every anime girl you think is hot. We don't have a shortage of ladies in anime. I remember Marino celebrated his accomplishment of creating 1,000 wiki page. For me, I can't really say how much I did considering I split my wiki list into 3 parts:

  • Vitae - Best Wiki Pages
  • Team Lists - Wiki Pages from teammates and myself
  • Machine Wiki - Misc Wiki Pages
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1,000 is a ton. Maybe you and Foxx are like the only people with that.

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This is quite an accomplishment. Not even Dekken (aka the universal breastmaster) has a list this big. Hell, even Sonata's fav character list is not this long.

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My best has 108 I believe. Geez. You overachiever!
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Sorry, I forgot to say thanks to everyone here. In the summer, I'll skim all the lists of all the wiki pages created in solo and team projects and see if Anime Vice's list feature can tank 1,000.

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