Hi Im new and goodbye thread

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Hey what's up!

I'm new here, and I'm a pretty chill person(most of the times lol)

So lets be pals.

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@Bruce246: Salutations

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@Hachima: @Bruce246:

Welcome to the site, I hope you check out our features and enjoy your stay. Anime Vice is a strange community because we got many attractions: reviews, anime discussions, battles, wiki, and more.

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Oh dear, I never ever know what to say for introductions. I'm MikuMikuFan and as you can probably tell I am a fan of Miku Miku videos. I haven't tried it out for myself but I've enjoyed what others have produced. I love anime but I'm not one for manga. I don't really do graphic novels. And... that's it, i guess.

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So, I haven't been on this site since my junior year of high school- that was six years ago. I am happy to be back, even though I lost all of my friends. D: I hope to make some new ones, especially for the upcoming Metrocon, July 11. Hopefully, I can meet up with some of you in Tampa! ^.^ I cosplay as Lady Arwen, Xena, Liliana (The Planeswalker from MTG), and I would LOVE some ideas. :D I enjoy creating my own costumes, so if you think I'd make a good character, let me know! :3

Toodles~ <3


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@Fantaseii: Welcome back to the site! Hope you will find all the friends here.

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Online Now

@Fantaseii: Welcome back! Hope you enjoy your stay :D!

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Hi, Oni here.

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Hi, I'm new...

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I just welcomed you on your battle thread. Welcome again, I didn't notice you were a bit fan of Fairy Tail. We had a big Fairy Tail theme in this community long ago. It still going strong. I invite you to the Fairy Tail Discussion (Anime) or Fairy Tail Discussion (Manga). Or you can check out a stellar reviewer in our community, , he writes chapter reviews on Fairy Tail.


Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy your stay. If you have questions, feel free to ask me.

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Hi, Im new.

Im from sweden and a fan of both Manga and comics(Not to mention football).

I hope I'll enjoy this site.

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Hello! I'm sure you will. Check out the battle forum, RPG forum, the constantly in progress wikia and Reviews section. Also there is a football club here in the off topic forum.
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Hi all, my name's elise. :) I'm here mostly for the cosplay threads because I'd love to learn more about how to create costumes. I'm not the biggest anime fan to be honest. I just like looking at the costumes, armor, etc... but I am familiar with a few anime series from my childhood years.

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Hi everyone!

I'm a Brazilian anime fan.

My favorite series are:

  • Chihayafuru
  • Fate/Stay Night
  • Space Battleship Yamato
  • Pandora Hearts
  • Steins;Gate

I was not able to follow a lot of series last season. I'm trying to finish my backlog right now and then I will try to find some cool new animes to watch.

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Welcome to Anime Vice! We don't have a lot of cosplay threads. The cosplay button we had was functional before. Daniel told me that they cut it. We only have cosplay images in our wiki galleries. If you want to start a community project about cosplay, I encourage it.


Welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy your stay. We met in the Video Game Club. It was great to see more folks in the video game department of Anime Vice. As for seasons, we have the Spring 2014 Anime Guide and Summer 2014 Anime Guide in case you need to add more to your backlog. I'm a Fate Stay Night fan, but more of a fan for Fate/Zero. There is a new Fate Stay Night remake for the Fall 2014 season. I'm looking forward to that.

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@takashichea: A Fate/Zero remake? I will make sure to not miss it! I have read the spring and summer guides so many good Anime.. I really need to focus more on finishing my backlog so I can watch the new ones.

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It's the Fate/Stay Night remake. Here's the ANN article that has 2 trailers, but it doesn't reveal what route they will animate. Some say it will be Heaven's Feel while others think it would be Fate route.

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Hello everyone, just thought Id introduce myself here. I hope to talk about some of my favourite series here. :)

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@Der_Ubermensch: Welcome to the Vice!:)

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