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Hello I'm Unkgeta The BlueSamurai

I'm The CEO and Founder Of Toonami On Deck A Fan-Made Block and Project Started On Youtube That Will Soon Livestreaming Its Shows

Toonami On Deck- Is A By Fans For Fans Fan-Made and Fan-Based Project That Started On Youtube I've Been Doing This Since 2009 A Year After Toonami's Cancelation and Return Four Years Later

Basically We Usually Show Action And Anime Cartoon Shows On Youtube and Mugen Animations As Well(Note: Mugen Is 2D Custom Fighting Game That Brought Millons Of People Together To Play With Various Character From Every Fighting Game Genre and By People I Mean The Fighting Game/Mugen Community On Youtube and Various Mugen Forms For More Info Check Out Wikipedia and Put Mugen In The Search Box) But Youtube Is Copyrighting Anime Nowadays and It Hard To Put Out Shows On It and When We First Started There Was No Tom Sara Or Ship Just Bumps Fan-Made The Kind You Would See On Adult Swim and Some Of Them That I did May have Offended People and Ruined There Childhoods Not To Mention Ruining Toonami's Image Which Is Why I've Made The Decision To Do Straight Legit No Muscle Anime Or Video Game Versions of Female Characters Just Deep Space Base and Animation and Good Ol' Mugen Content and We've Decide To Go Livestream

Which Brings Me To The Reason Why I'm Making This Ad I'm In Need Of A Team To Do The Livestream and I'm a Team of Writers, Animators, Graphic and Art Designers and Sound Editors And We've Already Got Couple Of People On The Bumps And All I Can Do is Make Intros For This Block and I Mean Main, Line Up and Show Intros Plus Record Shows Using Camtasia 7 But To Do That I need By An External Hard Drive To Increase My GB Do Make Three Hour Movies Thats All

Plus We Have Three Actors For Tom, Sara and The Big Guy and Three Beatmaker But I Don't Have anyone That can Do The Animations Or Design Specs For Tom, Sara and The Ship That Why I'm Putting Out This Ad For TOD

So There You Have It if You Are Intrested In Helping Out This Cause Please Contact Us At Our

Toonami On Deck:




Plus You Can Contact Me At Me




Plus For Further Proof I Have A Few Videos That Will Explan Everything

Here's On From My Channel

And Here's Few More From The Toonami On Deck Channel

The Other Two Are Prototype Bumps I Made

And That Is All Like I Said If You Guys Are Intrested Please Send me Your Replys and Don't Forget To Sub To Both My Channel and Toonami On Deck's Channel On Youtube We Both Need Some Support Far As The Deadline I Need To Recruit This Team Of Writers, Animators, Graphic and Art Designers and Sound Editors By April 1st Of This Year So You Have Four Months But If Anyone Need More Time I'll Re-Schedule The Deadline In The Meantime If You Have Any Questions Make Replies Hit me Up On The Email Or Whatever All I'm Saying Is We Can Do This Livestream But We Need A Team For This To Work So I'm Asking You Please Help Us Out In Our Cause We Wanna Do This Not Just For The Toonami and Toonami On Deck Faithfull But For the Mugen And Fighting Game Community and For a New Genneration Of kids Who Never Heard Of Toonami But Want Experence It For Themselves

And Yeah We Have A Toonami Already On TV But That Didn't Stop Toonami Aftermath Or NeoToonami Puting Out The Content To Do What Need To Be Done and It Certainly Won't Stop TOD From Doing The Samething So Please We Need All The Help We Can Get if We Want To Livestream Toonami On Deck and Please Show Some Support and Don't Get Discoraged We People like You That Have The Skills To Give TOD The Make Over It Deserves

And If You Like New Anime All The Time Go To This Website

and If You Like Classic anime Then Go To This Website

and If You Want To Watch Both Then Go To This Website


(Note: The Block Has Been Postponed Because its Undergoing Major Changes)

I End This Ad By Saying This NeoToonami, Toonami Aftermath, Toonami, and Toonami On Deck


and With That All Said and Done I Say Good Luck To you all

(PS. TOD Is Toonami On Deck for Short That all)

I'll Hope To Hear From You Guys About The Offer and Hope To Work With You Guys Soon and We'll Setup a Facebook Meeting To We Can Disscus How We Can Toonami On Deck The Best Block In All The World Wide Web A Block Thats A Millon Times Better The Then The Three Block I've Mention

and As Always This Is The Unkgeta The Bluesamurai and Whether You Guys Like It Or Not We All The Help We can Get and The Truth Has and Always Well Be The Truth Nothing More And Nothing Less

Toonami On Deck


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