Haircut, Clover, and Summer Anime Viewing

Topic started by Lan on June 25, 2009. Last post by RedRoses 5 years, 9 months ago.
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I'm getting better at this video blogging thing. Still pretty fun for me.


Extra thoughts:

-Baku's boyfriend stats have increased 20X; I came home yesterday, and there was Romeo X Juliet (first half of season) on DVD
 sitting on the table. :)
-Other Anime watched worth mentioning with brief comments:
   -2nd episode of Tsubasa Shunraiki - much better than the first. More action, questions answered, but then more are posed and you're still left thinking "WTF"
   -XXXholic (s. 1 & 2, plus OVAs)- Made of awesome sauce! Really cool with tie in to superstition and folklore. Still trying to make sense of half of the stuff Yuko says.
  For some reason, this show doesn't bother my critical eye that much except for when I'm trying to connect it with Tsubasa. I don't find myself overanalyzing it. :)
  -Finished Kuroshitsuji. Such a badass show! Think Addams Family crossed with Scooby Doo (although the "dog" comes in late, doesn't talk, and isn't in every episode).   
  Starts out seeming like a dark comedy, but turns into a big, complicated mystery. Add in angels and demons, the apocalypse of sorts, and 19th c. Victorian clothing & social
  moirees and BAM! you've got yourself a fantastic gothic horror that is true credit to the genre!

Mmmm...going to get back to some anime viewing and wiki business. No work tomorrow!

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Hmm...did you start reading the Kuroshitsuji manga before the anime, or did the manga come first? ^^

Edit: Pandora Hearts FTW! The anime has finally caught up to one of my favorite parts in the manga. <3
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Haven't read the manga yet. Just started watching the anime of Kuroshitsuji on a whim and loved it. Will definitely start reading the manga though. Are they vastly different?
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I wish I had my own Sensei to make me cookies...
Post by Schwindelmagier (314 posts) See mini bio Level 6
@Lan: Yes, actually I prefer the manga over the anime because there was none of the filler arc (with the dog) at all nor was Angela an antagonist or even included in the manga storyline for that matter. I'm sure the second season will be less fillers and more staying true to the manga. ^^
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@Sigue said:
" I wish I had my own Sensei to make me cookies... "
You should be jealous. I'm a hot commodity.
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I finally got into K-On!. I agree with you, it's a really cute series to follow. I'm on episode 6.

I've heard the Kuroshitsuji manga is a lot better than the anime but I haven't checked it out yet. But it's a cool series. One of my current obsessions at the moment. I'd love to cosplay as Grell or Madam Red. <3 though that seems a bit time consuming...

But oh snaps Baku is so sweet :3 What lovely presents.
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