Goku vs Superman - THE DEATHBATTLE THREAD & Don’s Opinion

Topic started by Donwun on Dec. 18, 2012. Last post by Sonata 2 years, 1 month ago.
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Hi AV, it's been a while.

@MohsinMan99 said:

Angry angry fans:

I expect a flood of DB vs comic character threads soon.


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It didnt take long did it lol.
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I never understood the whole "This character is too powerful so how does he have any obstacles or how does he even have a story!?" well the salution is very simple: Make a character who is sequal to or stronger than the said broken character, and that is what happens in DC comics, Superman is overpowered compared to some people but as a whole he is not since he can't solo his own universe. That video was full of fanboy rage.

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It funny he keeps talking about King Kai should know about this. LOL The Supreme Kai didn't even know how strong Goku and the other truly were. Heck the supreme kai didnt even know there was another supreme kai in the Z sword.
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Really, complaining about Goku using the Power Pole. That video was just nitpicking

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You know, I have no idea why people are being so passive aggressive and saying things like "Yeah Goku fought a good fight, but that Superman is just way too overpowered..." or something like that. You guys, DBZ is still one of the strongest anime/manga out there, and has some of the most broken characters (Sayains who keep getting stronger after every fight with no strength cap.) but there are people who can beat them. Make us fans look good and accept when our hero can lose. Sure there might have been some calcs I don't agree with and sure call them out, but don't hate on a character because of the outcome. There are plenty of characters from anime and comics that can easily beat both Goku and Superman.

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@Kurohige: DBZ is pretty damn powerful you're right. But the hardcore wanking furiously at the characters being stronger than they really are needs to stop.

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the fight made a lot of sense actually, I was quite impressed by how well it was done! Superman wins, no need for all the wanking that seems to never end lol! but anyway yeah... despite all the facts pulled to the table, it will never end on DBZ wanking -____- I love DBZ but those wankers out there just piss me off so much some times. I dont even like superman that much! I prefer Thor personally haha

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@chrono122 said:

Why wasn't goku using his instant transmission to fight superman like what he did against cooler

Goku shouldn't even have been able to sense Superman as he doesn't have Ki, and Goku's Instant Transmission would have been useless as he has to focus on someones energy to teleport to them.

I also noticed a lot of people who watched the death battle whine about Supes blowing up Earth. But this was a deathbattle so morals are automatically off as it has to end in death no matter what.

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I can agree with the outcome of the battle.

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I'm surprised how many people are raging over this in other places of the internet, but I'm glad to see some people can handle it here haha. I love DBZ, and I'm a little bit of a Superman fan, but I never thought Goku could beat Superman if it was just an all-out fight with both reaching their peaks. The Death Battle video did it pretty good justice and explained it well.

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Well, I guess Supes won... tho am not gonna rage like a fanboy and will accept the defeat...

But yeah, my money was on Goku... tho I knew he was gonna lose I still wanted him to win because of my DBZ blood.

Also this was such an awesome fight! I loved it.... even tho Goku lost still great battle!

So yeah am not mad, am just a bit upset lol.... Tho I hope the Superman Fanboys don't rub it on us DBZ fans faces because that would be disrespectful. Also DBZ fans should not get angry as well, I am a hardcore DBZ fan and am not mad, tho just a bit upset that Goku lost, but kinda blown out because of how awesome the fight was.

I hope to see Gohan on Death Battle later on.

Congrats Kal-El!

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@DBZ_universe: I just hope that maybe those DBZ fanboys on Youtube will stop saying:

"Yeah, Superman stands NO chance against Goku. Goku is GOD compared to all super heroes!" then proceed to get two hundred thumbs ups

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@MarioRedfield said:

@DBZ_universe: I just hope that maybe those DBZ fanboys on Youtube will stop saying:

"Yeah, Superman stands NO chance against Goku. Goku is GOD compared to all super heroes!" then proceed to get two hundred thumbs ups

I could care less about that, since it's not true.

also you gotta take note that a lot of DBZ fans don't watch other animes/manga/comics outside of DBZ it self, so is explainable why they would say that.

Tho I will say, if the battle had taken place in the ROSAT, Goku could had won since there is no Sun there. But I won't go into detail about that since the ultimate debate is over...

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No one seem to mind they "speculated" "calculate power levels linearly" and such that never stated in show as long as Superman win.

They started from a saiyan saga speed feat and multiplied with the ssj4. Ignored that base Goku stomped Cell in GT who was ssj2, for example. Funny if they using this formula without being biased Goku would had the advantage in all way. Make the estimated-to.1million km long snakeway third as short, with an another (false) estimation, use the 40ton feat because they lazy or just cant calculate other feats, etc....

Not surprising the local hero won but a 15y old boy/girl could do better case for Goku in 1 week.

The animator(s) and story writer(s) did good job though, imo.

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GT is so inconsistent its not even funny, plus in in GT at SSJ4 Goku struggled just to lift a street intersection. Even if the calculations are suspected Superman has shown the better overall feats. Essentially that's why he wins.
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DB wasn't exactly consistent itself. Kid Goku could push a boulder over 20tons, but SA contests that Adult Goku in Otherworld can barely lift 40tons in his base form. Even if I just went by Goku's weight with his training gear on King Kai's planet, he was easily running around with almost 2tons of pressure on him at all times, and that would be 20tons by the time he completed 100x gravity training on the way to Namek. 
Then we have Goku as more than 30x stronger by the time he starts fighting Frieza. At that point he could bench almost 640tons. Add SSJ transformations factors, SS1 he could lift almost 32thousand tons, SS2 is 64thousand tons, SS3 is 255thousand tons (or by their measure it's SS3 = SS2x4 so about 511thousand tons). For SA, SS4 is 14thousand times stronger than base form. So let's try that. 640 x 14000 = 8,960,000tons.
That easily clears their previous estimations of Goku's strength. And besides that, 180thousand tons is not the weight of a continent. It's not even the weight of a large mountain.
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Well finally saw the video. Once it started acting like Superman was a much better martial artist than Goku I knew better than to take this seriously at all. Still it was cute for what it was though it settles nothing. I don't know what that guy in that video up above was ranting about. Instant Transmission was used and the nyoibo staff was simply put in to show Superman had another weakness besides kryptonite. It's not that big of a deal. On a side note: I really wish people would stop trying to calc Goku's bench press. It's a meaningless stat that doesn't measure how hard Goku or almost all manga characters who use ki to hit you with can hit. I'd like to go into further detail but I'm out of time. Anyway, while I don't agree with the outcome the video was still fun. I mostly liked just hearing the guys who made it it was just hilarious hearing their comments.
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It wasn't that bad. In a sense, you could say that under their normal power levels, they had Goku actually win. It was only after Goku sun dipped Superman by accident (a plot device) that they had him win. But I had a bit of beef with the comparison at the end, given that they didn't compare energy projection output, or factor IT in speed, two categories where Goku dominates, as well as they made it appear that Superman was the better martial artist, when martial arts is Goku's whole world. But I don't mind the outcome. I've said for a while now, Superman or Goku winning is ok. Superman quite frankly probably deserves it as he is one of the oldest superheroes on the block.
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From the stats at the end, it seemed pointless having the battle anyway. The figures show it should have ended quickly in Superman's favour.

They said Goku was a martial arts genius. They said Superman knowns some martial arts. Never said he was better or implied it to me.

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