Gaming news: Anarchy in the UK and automatic controls

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Well sorry i didn't bring you any news yesterday, i was playing infamos great game, but here's to new storys
Anarchy in the UK
25 years ago a law was passed in the UK banning the sell of violent video games to minors, since then about 1600 people have been prosicuted for this, well apaerntly they skip some steps in making this law so it's been in the legal books illigaly for the last 25 years. the goverment says it won't alllow those who were convicted to overturn there ruling but all cases based on the law have been dropped, but now store owners will be able to sell any game and or movie they want to any demographic.
Automatic Comtrols
develepors of the game Bayonetta have just revealed there new game mode Very easy mode, where the player will have to press all of one button throught out the game and the AI will do the rest. they say this is a measure for those who got destroyed in games like Devil  May Cry and Ninja Gaiden, of course a lot of the fun from these games come from the difculty. and if you add in the fact that those who play on this diffculty will be pressing the same buttion for six hours leads me to the conclusion that Bayonetta very easy mode will be terrible, as for the rest of the game, i'll tell you when i feel like writing a review for it (after i played it of course)
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