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First these are a new thing i'm doing, just going to put my thoughts on games (there will also be Anime Thoughts) these won't have actual reviews, just my thoughts on various subjects. so lets start

I played Fallout 3 a while back, and i was was thinking about writing a review, but after watching some videos of it, i figure that i didn't play through enough to give it a fair review (still would have been pretty good) This is duo to the Expansion backs I was thinking of re-renting Fallout 3 (I Use GameFly) and buying the Expansions, though i don't think there out for the PS3 and i refuse to start over again with the Xbox version (plus using a new set of controls) But thinking about it this is Bestheda, a year after releasing Elder Scrolls: Oblivion they released a game of the year edtion with all of the DLC released packaged with it, so i decied to look it up and sure enough in October Bethesda plans to release a GOTY edtion for both Xbox 360 and PS3, this will include all five DLC packs relased up till then. But with this trend that Bethesda has, i was thinking maybe i should just wait a year be fore playing there high end titles.

These have been random video games thoughts from The Psycho Gamer
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