Form Wired; Japan hates IPhone.

Topic started by MoonStorm on Feb. 26, 2009. Last post by Exillion 6 years ago.
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According to wired japan dose not like the I phone or any other western brand for that matter. Kinda make scene because their phone have always surpassed outs. Now I'm no Mac 'fan boy' in fact I refuse to enter the apple store unless I'm looking at and IPhone. I have to say it's and amazing piace of tecnolgy with cool apps. To bad it's so dam expensive. Oh well heres hopeing the second geration Android will be better.

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I love Japan's phones better. I mean if I can play a bloody fleshed out game on the phone (I'm looking at you FFIV sequel thingy on mobile phones!) then I'd rather have their phones than an IPhone.

The US has too many regulations so our technological advances won't be fast compared to places like Japan... >_>
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I am so getting a A Panasonic P905i.
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