Forget BlazBlue, New Card Saga Trailer!!!

Topic started by John_Martone on July 16, 2009. Last post by JackSukeru 5 years, 7 months ago.
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Card Saga Wars, proving that 2d spites and fan service are never far apart. Made with the ever popular Mugen engine, I offer ritualistic sacrifices to hopefully ensure it actually makes it into my clammy, excited palms. The latest exhibition, between Cloud and Link, shows how much progress the team has made in the last two years. Though, I kinda cracked up at how Link's super summon a chicken that he must punish thoroughly before it attacks the opposing player.

(John does not actually endorse forgetting BlazBlue. In fact, he'd like to remind everyone that they will be playing BlazBlue again tomorrow evening. This Card Saga Wars video was just a reprieve reminding him that other 2d fighting games deserve to exist.)
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This is actually... very awesome
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I saw some videos of it a while back and was wondering if it was still in development, and it looks so awesome.

How could we forget BB though?
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ah yes, Mugen. Remove all sense of balance of a normal fighting game, to have a 100% pure fan service product.
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I lack sufficent linguistical skills to properly articulate just to what degree of "awesome" what just occurred before my eyes, imprinted on me at the moment of my beholding it.

Also, fanservice! Yay!
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